Children's Surgical Masks

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Children's Surgical Masks (100 UDS)

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Children's Surgical Masks us triple layer + our TNT filter. Together they provide a 99,7% filtration of germs and dust. It has a firm and safe ultrasonic joint welding. 

Content: Each pack is composed of 2 boxes of 50 units with 3 different designs. Recommended use of 4 to 6 hours.


Strong filtering and safe breathing:

  • Rectangular, fluid-resistant, nonwoven pleated mask
  • Anatomical adjustment to different sizes and facial characteristics Through a moldable strip on the upper edge
  • It does not give off particles and is resistant to humidity from the respiratory air flow
  • Free of latex, fiberglass and toxic or irritating substances
  • Fastening system with extra long and resistant straps

Description  Material  Technical name
Outer layer Polypropylene 25 GRS Spunbond
Filter Meltblown 
Meltblown 25 GRS
Inner Layer White polypropylene 25 GRS Spunbond
Wire Plastic coated Cal. 24 Plastic Spooled
70% polyester 30% elastomer - 3mm (thickness)
Polyester- Elastomer


Material  Specifications Size
Finished mask Disposable flat mask 145 x 90
Non-woven fabric outer layer Polypropylene 25 GRS 155mm wide
Filter Meltblown 
Meltblown 25 GRS 155mm wide
Inner layer of non-woven fabric White polypropylene 25 GRS 175mm wide


License of the AEMPS

Certificate by the Textile Technological Institute (Aitex)

We comply with the ISO 9001 Standard

Declaration of conformity

CE Infant Masks

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