Compostable FFP2 Masks

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Compostable masks made in Spain

Content: Boxes of 50 Compostable Masks each. Different units available depending on your needs. Recommended use of 4 to 6 hours.

* Due to the high demand for compostable masks in Europe, your order will be shipped during the month of October. 

You can contact for orders over 2000 compostable masks

At Mascarillas Béjar, we have been able to create the first 100% compostable masks throughout Europe thanks to our constant research process. 

This means that our compostable masks can break down under compost conditions in as little as 8 weeks. We achieve this by using PLA, a biodegradable material derived from corn, cassava or potatoes. 
We are the only ones in Europe that have certificates for our compostable fabrics.
  • Biodegradable material
  • Reduces 62% of emissions
  • Organic fertilizer


Test certificate will be available from September

Certificate of compostable material (PLA) by TUV Austria.

Certificate Composition (Ear Strip) by SGS GROUP

Certificate Of composition Nano filter PLA (Intermediate layer) by SGS GROUP

Certificate Composition (Nose Strip) by SGS GROUP

Certificate Spunbond material (outer layers) by SGS GROUP

Unlike traditional FFP2 masks and surgical masks, which must be disposed of in the brown or scrap container, compostable masks must be disposed of organically so that they can decompose properly.

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