Anti-fog chamois (10 units)

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Anti-fog chamois (10 units)

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Content: In each of our packs you will find 10 units. Each of the chamois lasts for 300 uses.
Anti-fog cloth for glasses. Specially designed to prevent the condensation of vapors on the surface where it is applied. Always keep the chamois in the sealed pouch after each use. 

How to use the anti-fog cloth:
  1. Clean the surface with soap and water to remove any dirt
  2. Clean the surface with the chamois in circular motions
  3. Keep the suede sealed inside the bag for conservation
  4. Do not wash the suede, if it is a little dry spray a few drops of water
  5. The suede must be kept in a wrapper once used so that it retains all its properties

Recommended for: goggle lenses, sports goggles, swimming goggles, helmet visors and all types of surfaces that tend to fog up.

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