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Pack of Filters and Sticks for OLIV Mask

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You can purchase your pack through two options:

  • Single purchase: You will receive a pack with 60 anti-covid filters, 30 STICKS and a wipe valid for 300 uses.
  • Monthly subscription: You will not have to worry about anything, each month you will receive a pack with 60 anti-covid filters, 30 STICKS and a wipe valid for 300 uses.

Remember that:

  • You must change your anti-covid filters every 6 hours.
  • You must change your STICK every 24 hours.
  • You should clean your mask frequently with the wipe.

The filters are made up of a triple layer together with our TNT filter, which provides 99,7% filtration of germs and dust.



The anti-covid filter must be inserted in each of the Oliv mask valves, for this, you must unscrew the inside of the valve, open the space, insert the anti-covid filter and close it again, matching the tabs to the correct adjustment of the closing system.

Remember that it has a rubber that must be around the inside of the valve to improve its sealing. Filters must be changed after 6 hours. 

Use the anti-fog wipe on the inside of the mask. It should be applied once a day. The anti-fog wipe has 300 uses.

Place the anti-fog STICK OLIV on your chin to prevent condensation (the STICK OLIV will be changed daily if necessary).

    Description  Material Technical name
    Outer layer Polypropylene 25 GRS Spunbond
    BFE 99 25 GRS
    Inner layer White polypropylene 25 GRS Spunbond
    Wire Plastic coated Cal. 24 Twist-tie 
    Elastic 70% polyester 30% elastomer - 3mm (thickness) Polyester-Elastomer


    Material  Specifications Size
    Finished mask Disposable flat mask 175 x 95
    Non-woven fabric outer layer Polypropylene 25 GRS 175 mm wide
    BFE 99  25 GRS
    195 mm wide
    Non-woven fabric inner layer White polypropylene 25 GRS 195 mm wide


    License of the AEMPS

    Test results | April

    Test results | May

    Test results | June

    Certificate by the Textile Technological Institute (Aitex)

    We comply with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001

     Surgical CE Declaration


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