The most versatile transparent, inclusive and ECO mask out there.

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 The natural thing is to see your face

Work Face to the Public

Communicate without interference, we all know how frustrating the mask can be when it comes to communicating.

approved transparent masks


Of course the anti-fog functionality, which has already become one of the requirements for all our masks. 

transparent face mask
transparent mask

facial recognition

With the number of devices we use with this technology, having a transparent mask has become essential.

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Citizen security

The use of transparent masks make it easier for the authorities to recognize people.

Respect for the environment


705 million masks pollute the environment every month, in Spain alone.

The only transparent and biodegradable mask on the market.

clear face mask


 This project started with the daughter of a team member, Olivia. The little girl came home anguished to see in different videos children with hearing problems who found enormous difficulties in learning because they could not see the lips of their teachers.

The Mascarillas Béjar team, together with MSM Tech, did not stop until they developed the perfect mask. It was not worth with a transparent mask, but in addition, it had to comply with all the sanitary, quality, and comfort requirements that already define us as a company.

Listen with your eyes

We have once again remembered how essential it is to see a smile or a facial expression to listen, to learn, to feel, to grow ...

set of transparent medicine masks
transparent face mask

See our faces

For all those for whom the traditional mask is a communication barrier. Do you remember the last time they listened to you with their eyes? At work, in business, and in everyday life.

With maximum protection

The protection and filtration system is equivalent to a type IIR surgical mask. In addition, the polycarbonate and silicone make the seal much more hermetic and secure.

large clear face mask

The most versatile transparent, inclusive and ECO mask out there.

transparent face masks for the deaf
deaf masks


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Offers Transparency.
Offers Quality. 
Offer a Smile.

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