Official Statement

Dear Customer, 

From Mascarillas Béjar we want to thank our thousands of clients for the trust they have placed in us and continue to place, which in no case will we disappoint.

Proud of the work we have done for a year and a half, with great effort to contribute to defend the Spanish Industry in the worst moments of the pandemic, generating employment and fighting to offer the health market top quality products.

Since our birth, we have suffered from continuous Fake news, which has tried unsuccessfully to block the growth of a company that is now a National Sanitary Textile leader. 

From the beginning we already came across the first false news that our factory did not exist, they invented that we were not in Béjar and obviously, even with the help of the National Police, we managed to deny these hoaxes. Now we are once again suffering another attack of absolutely false news, which only seeks to block the growth of this company for reasons of economic interest, as a result of the non-continuity of the advertising campaigns that we had contracted with this same medium in previous months.

We want to announce to our clients that a Criminal Complaint will be filed on Monday against the digital newspaper THE INDEPENDENT and the entirety of its board of directors, for the responsibility in the publication of the article.

It is not the policy of this company to answer these insults or slanders, but we understand that out of respect for our clients, suppliers and workers, we cannot allow a medium to play with their future and concern.

Along with the complaint against the newspaper El Independiente and its board of directors individually, it also includes those people who, motivated by working directly or indirectly in distribution companies or competing manufacturers, are feeding this falsehood through social networks.

From Mascarillas Béjar we want to reiterate that all our products comply with the European regulation and have the corresponding certificates, as can be verified through our official website. 

We reiterate our gratitude and the continuous shows of support to our clients, for their loyalty and trust.