MAHUPA1941, SL, with registered office at calle Cáceres, 2, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) 28223, and with NIF B-03747537 (hereinafter the “ORGANIZER”), will carry out a Promotion called “201 HISTORIES” (hereinafter, the "PROMOTION") and that will be developed in accordance with the provisions of these rules.

1.- Territorial and temporal scope of the promotion

1.1. The PROMOTION will take place within the European territory.

1.2. The PROMOTION will be in force from November 19, 2020 at 18:00 p.m., until January 15, 2021 at 23:59 p.m. All the participations that are made once that period has ended, will not be taken into account for their participation in the PROMOTION.

2.- Participation

2.1. Any natural person over 18 years of age, legal resident in Europe understood as final consumer (hereinafter, the "participant / s" or "User / s") who meet the requirements of the PROMOTION shall be entitled to participate in the PROMOTION. following bases. The employees of MAHUPA 1941, SL are excluded from this promotion, as well as the people directly linked to the organization, protocolization and management of the promotion and, in general, legal entities.

2.2. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to request from the participants a document proving their age and legal residence.

2.3. In the event that any of the people excluded from participation is the winner, they will lose their right to obtain the prize.

3.- Object

Through this PROMOTION, the entity MAHUPA 1941, SL, intends to encourage the purchase of Béjar masks among consumers who prove their loyalty to their purchase.

4.- Participating products

Consumers who purchase the products "single pack disposable masks (100 Units)" and "family pack (200 Units)" may participate in the PROMOTION.

5.- Gratuity

This PROMOTION is free for the consumer and does not in itself imply an increase in the price of the products that participate in the promotion.

6.- Mechanics of the Promotion

6.1. Each participant in the PROMOTION must make at least one purchase of any of the following products "single pack disposable masks (100 Units)" and "family pack (200 Units)" through the website " "

6.2. At the time of purchase, the participant must identify himself or register, providing accurate, updated and functional contact information. Said data will be used to send said participant the purchase made, as well as any other communication that may be necessary. The falsity or lack of any of the mandatory data may motivate the exclusion of said participant from the PROMOTION.

6.3. Once the products arrive at the address designated by the participant, some of these may contain a ticket with a different numbering inside. 

Each ticket found in the packs received will have a different color between platinum and gold, which will correspond to a different prize, which can be claimed from the ORGANIZATION from that moment through the email

6.4. Each participant will be able to participate in the PROMOTION as many times as they make purchases of the aforementioned products, provided they meet the indicated conditions.

6.5. Participations that contain e-mail addresses or telephone numbers with commercial intentions will not be accepted in the PROMOTION and therefore will be eliminated from it. Any participation by consumer groups or other groups will not be valid.

6.6. Participants must keep, for display and delivery to the ORGANIZER, the winning ticket. The ORGANIZER has all the right to request these documents if it deems it necessary, and it will be a requirement to show them to qualify for the status of the PROMOTION winner.

6.7. The winners may waive the prize, but in no case may it be exchanged for a different one.

6.8. Participation in the PROMOTION implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these rules.

6.9. MAHUPA 1941, SL declines any responsibility for damages of any kind that may be due to the temporary lack of availability, continuity of operation and / or failures in access to the different pages that may occur through the Internet.

6.10. MAHUPA 1941, SL reserves the right to modify the conditions of this promotional action at any time, including its possible cancellation before the prescribed period, provided there is just cause or force majeure, committing to communicate the new bases, conditions of promotional action or definitive cancellation.

7.- Verification of authenticity

The ORGANIZER will check each of the winning tickets, verifying, in any case, their authenticity.

For this, the ticket must not have been previously used and, it must be fully legible, the data relating to the ticket number being fully identifiable.

Those that are not complete or are false, illegible, manipulated, photocopied, etc., as well as those that are not accompanied by the corresponding purchase invoice for products "single pack disposable masks (100 Units)" and "Family pack (200 Units)", or the corresponding email confirmation of the aforementioned purchase.

The ticket that does not meet the authentication requirements will be considered invalid and, therefore, participation in the PROMOTION will not be considered, leaving the person who owns it excluded from it.

8.- Awards and taxation

8.1. The prizes of the PROMOTION are the following:

8.1.1. First Category Prizes: ONE (1) platinum color TICKET of an amount of FIVE THOUSAND EUROS (€ 5.000,00) net, the gross amount being six thousand one hundred seventy-two euros and eighty-three cents (6172,83. - €).

8.1.2. Second Category Prizes: TWO HUNDRED (200) TICKETS golden color of an amount of FIVE HUNDRED (€ 500,00) net each, being the gross amount of the same six hundred and seventeen euros and twenty-eight cents (617,28.- €) , respectively.

The total value of the Prizes of this PROMOTION amounts to one hundred and five thousand euros (€ 105.000,00) net, the total amount being the same one hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred and twenty-eight euros and eighty-three cents (€ 129.628,83.-) gross .

The same participant may win several prizes.

8.2. The prizes that are awarded as a result of participation in contests, games, raffles or random combinations, whether or not they are linked to the offer, promotion or sale of certain goods, products or services, are subject to the Personal Income Tax. . 

By virtue of current regulations *, when the value of the prize exceeds € 300, the organizer will make the corresponding retention or deposit on behalf of the winner. 

* Law 35/2006 of November 28, Chapter II, Section 4 regulating Capital Gains and Losses, and articles 74 to 76 of the Personal Income Tax Regulations, approved by Royal Decree 439 / 2007, which regulates Income subject to withholding or payment on account and those Obliged to practice them, specifically article 75.3.f) of the Personal Income Tax Regulation, approved by Royal Decree 439/2007 . 

In order to be awarded the prize by the ORGANIZER, the winner must first sign a letter of acceptance of the prize, authorizing the ORGANIZER to carry out the corresponding retention and deposit on account that the current legal provisions require. 

For this purpose, the winner must provide the ORGANIZER, within a maximum period of five (5 calendar days) from when it is required to do so, all the personal and fiscal data that it requests, as well as a photocopy of the DNI, in order to that the ORGANIZER can carry out the income of this withholding, otherwise, it will be understood that it waives the prize.

9.- Procedure for organizing the Promotion

The ORGANIZER, at a time prior to the start date of the PROMOTION and before a Notary chosen by the same, will proceed to randomly deposit in the product boxes "single pack disposable masks (100 Units)" and " family pack (200 Units) ”, the tickets mentioned so that from the start date of the PROMOTION set on November 19, 2020, any participant who makes a purchase of the aforementioned products will opt for the prizes established in the Present.

10.- Reservations and limitations

10.1. The ORGANIZER is exonerated from all responsibility in the event of an error in the data provided by the participants themselves that would prevent their identification. 

10.2. It will be understood, by way of example but not limited to, that abuse or fraud occurs, when a participant fills in the form using a false identity or identities of third parties without their consent.  

10.3. The ORGANIZER is not responsible for possible losses, deterioration, delays or any other circumstance attributable to third parties that could affect participation in this PROMOTION, such as malfunction of electronic communication networks, etc.  

10.4. The ORGANIZER is not responsible for possible inappropriate or offensive content, which users at their own risk and expense may have made in any support of the PROMOTION.  

10.5. The verification of any of these circumstances during the PROMOTION will imply the automatic disqualification and the prohibition to participate in the contest as well as the loss of the prize, if it has been awarded in your case. In order to receive the Award, the winner must meet all the requirements established in these Terms and Conditions, particularly they must prove their legal age and residence. 

10.6. The awarding of the Prize is personal and non-transferable.  

10.7. The indication of the personal data of the winner will be mandatory for the management of the Prize. Any false communication of personal data will entitle the organizers of this PROMOTION to disqualify the winner and be able to dispose of the corresponding prize.  

10.8. The ORGANIZER informs that it does not carry out checks on the veracity of the data, so it will attend, in each case, to the data entered by the participant, whether true or not, and will not be liable for the consequences of said falsehoods or inaccuracies.  

10.9. The ORGANIZER reserves the right to make changes that result in the success of the PROMOTION when there is just cause or reasons of force majeure that prevent it from being carried out in the way in which these Bases are set out.  

11.- Consent, Image Rights and Commercial Communications 

11.1. Through their participation in the PROMOTION, the participants declare and consent: (i) to accept these Terms and Conditions; (ii) meet all the necessary requirements for the purposes set forth herein; (iii) that the information and / or data provided within the framework of the PROMOTION are true and accurate; (iv) have all the necessary authorizations and licenses in writing, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms, and / or be holders of all rights (including, without limitation, intellectual or industrial property rights, honor, personal and family privacy and the image itself or of any other nature), the ORGANIZER may publish the image and the name of the person who has been the winner of the PROMOTION through the means of communication that the ORGANIZER - without limitation - considers. For this purpose, the winner by accepting the prize automatically authorizes the ORGANIZER to publish their personal data, including the image, in order to make known to the remaining participants and the general public who the winner was.  

11.2. The participants and particularly the winner (s) authorize, by the simple fact of participating, the ORGANIZER to reproduce, use and disseminate their name, surname, their image that appears in photography and video, in any edition, modification or activity advertising and / or promotional that is related to this PROMOTION, all in any medium (including but not limited to, exploitation through the press, radio or television, Internet and Internet for mobile telephony; social networks) without said activities confer the right to remuneration or any benefit, except for the delivery of the prize won in accordance with these Terms. Participants commit to their own authorship of their photographs. 

12.- Data protection

12.1. The data of the participants in the PROMOTION will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016. 

12.2. Responsible: The data provided when participating in the PROMOTION will be processed by MAHUPA 1941, SL 

12.3. Purpose: The purpose of the treatment is the promotion of the products and services of MAHUPA 1941, SL, which can be consulted at among the participants in it. 

For these purposes, by participating in the PROMOTION, the participant expressly consents to the processing of their data for this purpose of sending them commercial and advertising information, of a general nature or adapted to their personal characteristics according to their interests, by preparing of a commercial profile based on the information provided and through automated treatments, on the products and services of MAHUPA 1941, SL, by post, email, SMS, or any other equivalent electronic means of communication.  

Additionally, your data will be used in order to manage your participation in the PROMOTION.  

Your personal data will be kept as long as there is a mutual interest to maintain the purpose of the treatment, or when you exercise the right to suppress, cancel or oppose them. 

12.4. Legitimation: The legitimation for the processing of your data is participation in the PROMOTION that involves your express consent granted for the indicated purposes. The participant may revoke the consent given at any time, without the need to justify his decision, simply communicating it by any means to MAHUPA 194S.L. In any case, you are informed that the revocation of your consent during the contest will make it impossible to continue participating in it.  

12.5. Recipients: No data transfers to third parties are foreseen. 

12.6. Rights: The participant may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion and opposition of their data at any time. In certain circumstances, the interested parties may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case we will only keep them for the exercise or defense of claims. 

When technically possible, the interested party may request the portability of their data to another data controller.  

Such rights may be exercised by each participant, indicating the request in which the request is specified, in the following ways: 

By means of a written and signed request addressed to MAHUPA 1941, SL, Cáceres street, 2,28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Ref. LOP: D., And must attach a photocopy of the applicant's DNI; 

Sending the application together with a photocopy and / or scanned copy of the applicant's DNI to the email

Likewise, the participant must notify MAHUPA 1941, SL of any modification of the personal data provided by virtue of this document.

13.- Modifications and / or annexes

13.1. THE ORGANIZER of this PROMOTION, reserves the right to make changes that result in the successful end of the promotion, modify, expand and introduce annexes referring to the conditions of this promotion at any time and even its possible cancellation, cancellation or suspension, before the closing date of the campaign, committing to notify with sufficient advance the new bases, conditions or in its case the definitive cancellation.  

14.- Reservation of rights.

14.1. Participation in the PROMOTION implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these rules.  

14.2. Failure to comply with any of these bases by the participant will determine their immediate disqualification.  

15.- Acceptance of bases

15.1.  The present Bases of the PROMOTION are governed by the Spanish Legislation.  

15.2. Any litigation, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the execution or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid to which the parties submit, waiving any other that may correspond to them.