The Lancet Digital Health and their study on face masks

An observational study with a sample of 300.000 people.

In this study, the decrease in infections due to the use of the mask can be seen and has been done by the prestigious The Lancet Digital Health

With figures: the 10% increase in the use of masks in the United States population has meant:

  • Stop the spread of the virus and
  • It has multiplied X3 the possibilities of maintaining the instant reproduction ratio

In short: the disease was already slowing down but thanks to its use it has done so even more.

The Lancet Digital Health and its study on masks - Mascarillas Béjar

Scientists from different hospitals within the US, including the Boston Children's Hospital, state that this study is not definitive. They don't want to jump to definitive conclusions about the transmission and its ratio.

It is commented that this study has not taken into account different factors that can influence it and that can influence it. We are referring to public health gestures, such as the ones we discussed in the previous article: people are more cautious. Personal hygiene has increased. Other people don't leave their homes as much out of fear ...

But although the mask is not the only factor that could have influenced these consequences, it is true that their use has helped and has an important influence.

As we all know, today the use of masks is mandatory in most countries. Especially in those who have suffered the most virulence from this pandemic. Its objective is to act as a barrier and shield to protect us from possible droplets that could enter our respiratory system, and until now, surgical masks that have high filtration such as the IIRor FFP2, they are fulfilling their function.

Although the data from these analyzes may appear somewhat heterogeneous, the conditions for conducting a randomized study are difficult to follow. It is clear that the use of masks is beneficial to society, as they have been shown to reduce the spread of viruses that are emitted in the breath, breathing and speaking.

From Mascarillas Béjar we recommend the use of masks and respecting safety measures at all times.