Will I have to wear a mask after getting the covid vaccine?

The latest news is very enlightening since many media are already talking about the arrival of the vaccine in Spain, after months of waiting, fortunately it seems that it has already arrived in our country and doses are being administered to citizens. Obviously, the first to be vaccinated are at-risk patients, the elderly and health professionals.

That is why from Mascarillas Bejar we want to bring a little more information so that our readers can keep up to date with the progress of the pandemic and its evolution.

Will I have to wear a mask after getting the covid vaccine?

From what we have been informed so far, there are different types of vaccines, some of which are RNA, others are placebos and others are antibodies. The one that has reached Spain has been that of Pfizer, which is of the RNA type.

This consists of two vaccines, that is, it is the same vaccine but it is applied in two phases. This process should last approximately 21 days, it is recommended for maximum effectiveness, but it may vary depending on the situation in which the center where it is applied is located. Although it does not affect much if the application of the second vaccine is done 21 after the first, it is recommended that under no circumstances it be done after 42 days since this could have no effect.

Once this double vaccination process has been completed, it is stated that we will be protected 10 days after completing the process.

Will I have to wear a mask after getting the covid vaccine?

Will we stop using masks?

Although it seems that with the arrival of the vaccine people will be immunized and that we will put aside the security measures in which we live right now, it will not be like that.

Unfortunately, the consequences of the vaccine have not been proven in society, this does not mean that it will have negative consequences for those vaccinated, since Pfizer states that it does not have any long-term consequences, but it is unknown if immunized people, even if they leave if they are likely to suffer from the disease, it is unknown whether they can be carriers and transmitters of it.

So it has been decided to take the measure of continuing with the restrictions, at least, until we achieve group immunity and most of the people are vaccinated.

This is because if certain benefits are given to people who are immunized, an ethical barrier would be crossed since privileges would be given to one group of people and not to others. To put ourselves in the situation, how would you feel if in a job interview they asked you if you suffer from cold sores and it was decisive for the job?

Obviously this would lead to a moral debate that the government is not willing to raise and that we as citizens have to understand, because if we start crossing that line, where can that go?

That is why from Mascarillas Bejar we recommend continuing to respect safety regulations until group immunity is achieved, do not forget to wash your hands, use approved masks and respect the safety distance. We stop this virus together.

Will I have to wear a mask after getting the covid vaccine?

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