Digital trends for a post COVID world - Comercios ONline

2020 caught us off guard but we knew how to react.



No one could prevent a pandemic. On such a scale that it would leave us all locked at home, it would make us always wear a mask on the street and that teleworking and the digitization of shops would be implemented.



Businesses and individuals have been affected alike. Today we live normalized things unthinkable a little over a year ago. Video calls, telecommuting and shopping online. They existed, but not globally.



According to a study carried out by the consulting firm Gartner, today, 82% of managers are in favor of allowing their workers to telecommute, even after mobility restrictions end. This could be one of the main changes we are seeing in the work environment.



What other trends can we expect? What will "the new normal" look like?


Support and training in teleworking


Digital trends for a post-COVID world - Online Stores - Mascarillas Béjar

This arose in a massive way at the beginning of the confinement. Neither workers nor companies were prepared nor did they know how to find an effective and healthy method to carry it out. As is normal, this generated some friction, since many workers did not have equipment provided by the company and they stopped having schedules. Many companies had to come up with methods that would balance the professional and personal lives of their employees. Failure to do so affected the company's performance.



In addition, teleworking has generated certain dependencies on technologies that are essential for the daily operation of the company. Routine training has multiplied to prepare workers and have the skills to solve problems that may arise. And all combining agility and digitization.



Higher levels of automation


This in computing is known as the use of software and systems that try to carry out repetitive processes without humans. This concept has already been used for years by technology companies that have engineers who are capable of coding tasks to facilitate work.



It is a very practical measure that helps to do extremely repetitive and boring tasks. The abuse of these tools could also have negative consequences since it generates a highly automated and understaffed service, which is disastrous for any company that works with clients.




 Digital trends for a post-COVID world - Online Stores - Mascarillas Béjar


The arrival of artificial intelligence


To be more specific, "emotional artificial intelligence" is mainly intended for online stores. It is responsible for understanding the behavior of customers in the store. It is made up of algorithms that analyze customer behavior patterns to modify the Web, its appearance and the interaction buttons to adapt to each customer and maximize sales.



Although this idea seems very encouraging for companies, it generates new moral debates that we had not considered before.



The trust of customers


In the past, online commerce was very different from what is required now. Before, there was a lot of distrust when it came to making digital purchases. Today there is a lot of competition: many companies are doing things well with a very clear monitoring of all processes.



The Online buying process has been humanized, so that the customer feels comfortable and receives as much information as possible in their purchase process. Before doing it, study the attributes of the product, the manufacturer and the seller. Once the purchase is made, through safe channels, then the monitoring of the purchase is activated until it is delivered and the customer service has been sharpened, during and after sales.



Digital trends for a post-COVID world - Online Stores - Mascarillas Béjar

Digital channel acceleration


In recent years there has been a remarkable growth in digital commerce. More and more customers are encouraged to buy from home. This has increased during the pandemic as we were unable to leave home to go to physical stores. Recurring online shoppers have increased from 30% to 46%. 



This places great importance on the shopping experience. That is why it is extremely important that any company that is dedicated to digital sales simplifies its website to facilitate the user experience and at the same time improve shipping conditions.



These are some of the trends that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought. The world is changing and both we and commerce are changing with it. This can be a challenge for many but it is necessary to facilitate our day to day and improve the situation in which we find ourselves.