Can a mask be washed?

The masks, used in other times (not so distant) by health personnel or in some cultures in the case of those who suffered from a cold or in areas with high contamination, we never believed that they would become basic this year.

12 months ago, no one would believe what this 2020 would be like and that it would translate into confinement, restriction and contact measures, safety distance, hand washing and other essential precautions, such as the use of masks against COVID-19. Its use has intensified and spending has increased. Given this, is it possible to wash one and reuse it?

Cloth and sanitary masks: which one can be washed

Brianda surgical masks Type IIR or sanitary are light and comfortable, they are made of synthetic material that repels moisture, droplets, dust and other particles. This makes them offer the best protection against the coronavirus by preventing it from passing. However, they are for single use, one of this type cannot be washed and as they must be changed every 6 or 8 hours, this translates into a significant environmental and economic impact.

As people seek to wash a mask to reuse it, cloth ones and numerous tutorials for making homemade masks emerged. However, the main disadvantage is that the fabric does not usually protect against the droplets that carry the virus through coughing, sneezing or just talking.

In fact, most do not have a filter and are not approved, they get wet easily and accumulate viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, the more layers you add, the thicker it is, causing discomfort due to its weight - it also falls off more easily - and bothering the ears.

There are also another type of disposable mask, the N95 and the FFP2, which in general terms cannot be washed, although there are certain methods to sanitize them. But it must be clarified that this type is recommended to be used only for health personnel.

In Spain, the use of face shields is mandatory in public spaces and in those where a safety distance of at least 2 meters cannot be maintained. Carrying one is of vital importance, not only because of the fines, but because it is a basic, simple and affordable sanitary measure that can protect not only whoever wears it, but all those with whom it meets, especially in your workplace. , in public transport, when interacting with people of vulnerable health, etc. 

If the best masks are surgical but cannot be washed, how to find a mask that can be washed and is effective?

Washing a reusable surgical mask, the solution

Analyzing the above, the ideal is to have approved surgical masks that can be washed and used more than once, as you would have the best of the basic types of masks. This is possible with Béjar masks and reusable sanitary masks that we bring you.

Our masks are not only 100% made in Spain, but they are as comfortable and light as those sold in the pharmacy and offer even greater safety and protection thanks to the materials with which they are manufactured, with the difference that they are not a I only use but it can be washed once up to 5 times to reuse it.

The reusable Béjar Masks have three layers resistant to splashes and made with nanotechnology with a membrane 100% PTFE NANOFIBRE filter. They can be reused up to 5 times, which represents a saving for your pocket and a help to the environment. But there is more, because can be machine washed. You just have to follow the aforementioned indications and choose the hot water cycle.

They are very comfortable, you breathe very well with them and, as if that were not enough, they are very beautiful: we offer you different collections of masks reusable with different colors and patterns very cool to combine with your clothes. We have a Exclusive series of washable reusable masks with designs made by Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz for Masks Béjar. AND we also manufacture custom reusable sanitary masks with the logo, brand or name of your company, association, etc. The only company in Spain that offers this service in reusable toilets.

How to wash reusable masks

There are two types of approved masks that can be washed, the approved reusable masks and the self-filtering ones. The first ones are those that have a particle filter that must be sanitized as indicated by the manufacturer. In the case of the latter, marked with an “R”, only the adjustment to the face should be cleaned, but not the mask itself, otherwise they will lose their properties.

Brianda FFP2 masks and n95 it is possible to sanitize them by subjecting them to a temperature of 70 ° C for 30 minutes or even exposing them to boiling water steam for 10 minutes. The downside is that the material can be damaged and the mask no longer fits your face well after doing so. It should also be emphasized that this type of mask is intended for health personnel.

In the case of reusable hygienic masks, the government of Spain, through the Ministry of Health, has indicated various methods for their hygiene. On the one hand, wash them using normal detergent and hot water (60-90 ° C), on the other, it is to immerse them in a diluted bleach solution (980 ml of water + 20 ml of bleach) in warm water and then wash with soap and water.

The last suggestion is to apply a spray against the virus authorized by the Ministry of Health and then wash with soap and water. With the washable sanitary masks from Mascarillas Béjar, it will be enough to wash one in the washing machine with hot water to be able to reuse it.

Remember that our products are CE marked and meet all UNE standards, these are ideal for respiratory protection as they have very efficient bacterial filtration efficacy against infectious agents. Do not forget that the correct use of the masks is from the nose to the chin, that is, covering your nose and mouth.

In short, if you are looking for reusable surgical that can be easily washed in the washing machine and also that you can buy in different colors and patterns, you just have to enter Béjar Masks. Our masks are 99% effective like those in a pharmacy with the advantage that they can be washed and reuse like fabric ones. Contact now with us and for any questions write to