Health provides the use of a mask for the whole year

The Government of Pedro Sánchez informs us of the forecast of the mandatory use of masks during the rest of 2021


Measure taken by the Government together with the Ministry of Health to contain the number of infections.



This news comes to us after learning of the renewal of the contract that the Government has for the supply of masks until January 2022. It is believed that it could last until 2023.



Health provides the use of a mask for the whole year - Mascarillas Béjar

In the agreements of the Ministry of Health it can be read that the duration of the contract will be annual

That is, since it is formalized, it will have to be supplied by the same company throughout that period. Said contract could be extended if current circumstances are prolonged and specialists so advise.



This emergency contracting includes disposable surgical gowns;  nitrile gloves; safety glasses; Type II and II R surgical masksprotective masks (with filtration efficiency equivalent to ffp2 and ffp3)Covid-19 molecular test and extraction kits. The budget for this purchase amounted to 2.131 million euros and was formalized on December 23.



The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, spoke on Cadena SER about the use of masks.

I affirm that "Even if collective immunity is achieved, the use of masks will not stop since the virus will not suddenly go away." And he added "it is most likely that we will have to continue wearing masks once the pandemic is over, to ensure that there are no relapses."



He also commented that there will be sectors in which the use of masks will continue to be mandatory. In medical centers, for example, as places exposed to the spread of various diseases. He affirms that society is already used to its use and that having this evolution will not be a problem for citizens.



We do not know how the solution could evolve since many believe that its use will not be mandatory before the end of the year. It is impossible what can happen, but seeing the latest data will still be necessary to use it for a long period. 



The data indicate that in recent times there has been an increase in new daily cases. Meanwhile, governments are afraid of taking measures as strict as the quarantine we suffered last year. Especially since the economic consequences would be dire for Spain and Europe.



Everything indicates that the vaccine will be able to stop the advance of the disease, but until then we will have to continue using masks and safety measures.


Health provides the use of a mask for the whole year - Mascarillas Béjar

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