Recycle masks

The use of masks has become so everyday that despite the initial resistance of some people, little by little it has been adapted in our daily lives. When we leave the house we do not do it without first taking the keys, the mobile phone and of course, the surgical mask. Safety is a key piece to take care of ourselves and others, but at the same time it has gone hand in hand with the lack of tranquility for the environment. What about recycling disposable masks?

Recycling masks: the dilemma of reusable and disposable masks

Until not long ago, there were only two basic options for respiratory protection. Single-use, such as surgical masks, and multi-use and washable, such as cloth chinstraps. The option seems very simple, right?

However, several other factors must be taken into account. On the one hand, although it is true that surgical masks Disposables are worse for the environment (mainly because we use more amounts since they have to be disposed of every 8 hours), are more effective.

There are those who choose to make a fabric chinstrap that is comfortable and thick to save the situation and not use disposable hygienic masks so as not to recycle face shields. Notwithstanding the Cloth masks tend to have the big problem of not being safe and many are not approved, this due to the type of material with which they are made or because they do not have a filter..

If it is cotton or a fiber that is permeable, it allows moisture and different sizes of particles to pass through, including droplets produced by coughing, sneezing or even talking. Without a doubt, this involves more problems and complexity with respect to what type of masks to buy.

Luckily, reusable masks that last multiple times have hit the market. Times have changed and you have to adapt to them. Therefore At Mascarillas Béjar we produce reusable surgical masks with special nanotechnology.

Each of them is made with filters built with a 100% PTFE membrane. This nanofiber consists of a network of filaments that prevents the passage of bacteria and viruses.

Our reusable and safe masks are made up of several layers, the outer being 100% polypropylene, an insulating material for droplets and particles. This is followed by a filter made of 100% special nanofiber and finally an inner layer of 80% polyamide and 20% ethanol. Altogether all this gives the perfect combination to be well protected, since it resists the humidity of the breath. In addition, because it is a lightweight filtering material, it allows you to breathe well without a feeling of suffocation, in addition to not releasing particles.

So if you are looking for a sanitary mask that is used several times and that you can wash up to 5 vtimes, Masks Béjar has it. They are made of material that has a low risk of producing allergies, without harmful odors or toxic chemicals, they have high resistance to splashes and protect you in addition to other elements such as pollen, dust, alcohol and even UV rays.

How to recycle everyday masks

If you are using single-use sanitary masks, when the masks fulfill their life cycle it is necessary to dispose of them in an appropriate place and recycle masks following the good forms of use and hygiene of face masks. In this way we will avoid that due to carelessness or negligence they end up on the street or in inappropriate places and that they contaminate the planet. As we have seen, the most effective masks are not biodegradable. They are usually made with materials that prevent their degradation, due to their qualities to avoid contagion.

The correct way to recycle sanitary mouth covers is to put them in two bags, so that they are isolated from the rest of the garbage and then dispose of them in the corresponding gray container (depending on the province where you live, it could be green). You should also be careful that this container should be a closed bucket with a lid: keep in mind that we are all potential people who do not show symptoms and it is better to err on the side of caution to avoid contagion when disposing of face masks.

In the case of face shields from patients with coronavirus or who are contaminated with the virus, it can remain up to a week. All waste from COVID 19 patients, from respiratory protectors, gloves and handkerchiefs, must go inside a plastic bag that will go inside another plastic bag and in turn will be placed inside a garbage can that will have its own bag.

Like the previous example, the waste will be perfectly sealed and placed inside the gray containers (never in another). And of course, wash your hands perfectly well with soap and water each time this type of waste is handled. 

Buy reusable masks or sanitary masks at the best price

Now that you know how to dispose of and recycle single-use chinstraps and that there are reusable ones, you can opt for those that are not only highly effective and safe, but also have various uses and also Béjar masks we offer you in various shades, colors and designs. In Mascarillas Béjar our masks machine washable up to 5 times, thus reducing the environmental impact.

Remember that our products are CE marked and comply with the UNE standards. Do not forget to correctly use your mask from nose to chin, covering your nose and mouth, for the best respiratory protection and effective bacterial filtration against infectious agents.

Find very cool models by designers such as Ana Locking, Ion Fitz or Devota & Lomba, who have created an exclusive series for Béjar Masks, as well as collections of plain styles and prints that will match your outfit. And if you are looking for personalized masks with your logo or brand, in Masks Béjar we also manufacture custom reusable masks. The only company in Spain that does it.

Likewise, we have family packs of single-use or sanitary ffp2 masks, with 200 offers at a great price. We can even send a pallet of type IIR masks to your companyWe also have an face masks for children with different drawings that you will love.

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