Can I clean my mask with alcohol?

Believe it or not, it is a very frequent question among mask users.

Can I clean the mask with alcohol? Or its variant ... Should I clean it with alcohol?

The answer is no.

And we don't want to leave room for ambiguity. We repeat:

You cannot clean your mask with alcohol.

Single-use surgical masks are not recommended to be cleaned for later reuse. If you use any liquid to clean it, you will most likely degrade the materials.

I can wash my masks with alcohol - you can't wash the masks - Béjar masks - Disposable masks

Lately there have been many hoaxes about masks.

We must be careful what we hear or read because not everything is true.

One of these hoaxes has been the recommendation to clean your mask before and after use to disinfect them and "be safer." The truth is that this would be counterproductive because doing so diminishes its properties.

The main function of the mask is to act as a shield against aerosols and other possible contaminants. For this reason they are designed to stop any type of microbe that could affect its wearer. And the mask is capable of doing so thanks to its nanotechnology. We must understand that those that are approved are not simply a piece of cloth with filters. These filters are designed to attract microbes and to be effective against the spread of diseases. 

What happens when we use alcohol or disinfectant gel is that at the same time we disinfect it, we would probably be killing the microorganisms that we could find in it. By doing that we also end its filtering capacity. And therefore it is as if we were not wearing a mask. 

That is why from Mascarillas Béjar we recommend its appropriate use.

Avoid using gels and alcohol to clean your disposable masks. That is why they are called like that, they should have only one use and as manufacturers it is what we recommend. 

I can wash my masks with alcohol - you can't wash the masks - Disposable masks - Béjar masks

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