Ear protector for your mask

The masks are here to stay ... at least as long as there is no vaccine against the coronavirus or the pandemic is eradicated. But as the saying goes "good face to bad weather", so many of us already use this valuable accessory as one more garment that is as essential as the mobile. However, there is a small problem with wearing a mask for six hours or more and it has to do with the discomfort or irritation that they cause in the ears. Given this inconvenience, can you use a mask ear guard?

Protect your ears when wearing masks with a protective ear masks

The ears are made up of skin and cartilage, mainly. They are delicate structures that take care of one of the most precious senses, hearing. That is why it is especially important to avoid as much as possible the inconvenience that can be generated by surgical masks. As we all know, in Spain the use of masks is mandatory to protect against COVID-19, a measure that is applied mainly when you are in public spaces such as the street, shops, etc., or in private spaces where it is not possible to maintain the distance from security.

The use of the mask can involve certain inconveniences, such as causing irritation to the face due to the tissues or components of which it is made, as well as it can fog up the glasses, produce more heat and of course, earaches.

And if we add to this having to use them for several hours, especially those who have to be at work all day with a mask, things really get complicated. That is why we present some tips to prevent your ears from becoming irritated, bent or suffer discomfort from the use of masks such as using an ear guard mask.

Ingenious solutions protect your ears when wearing a mask

Many times wearing the rubber bands behind the ears for a long time can be not only uncomfortable, but also cause pain and irritation. A simple measure is to tie the ribbons behind the head instead of fastening them by the ears. You can also use a mask ear protector that is like a plastic tape with different sizes that is placed on the neck and to which the rubber bands of the mask are attached.

If this measure is insufficient, a very practical and also aesthetic solution is to sew a pair of buttons, one on each side, at the height of the back of the ear, and then conveniently hook the mask on. A hair band will also work well.

In the event that you do not feel like the above, to avoid the discomfort caused by the rubber bands of the mask, hooking them to headphones, a headband or your glasses will also work. Keep in mind that when it comes to homemade or fabric masks, the rubbers may be too thick or short, making it too small for your face and causing discomfort.

Other ingenious measures that serve as a mask ear protector is to use hairpins, which can be simple and discreet or if you prefer, with colorful and beautiful designs. One more option is to make a strip of fabric, the thickness that you like and sew some buttons to which you will hook the mask tapes. Using an old shirt will do you good: the part where the buttons go is cut and it is used to hook the ribbons there.

The best protective ear masks is a quality effective face mask

Of course, to protect your ears from the use of the mask, a lot has to do with the quality of the masks. As we mentioned before, fabric or homemade masks Many times they are not made to measure and cause friction and pain because they are either too tight or have very stiff or thick tires.

And that is not their only drawback, but in addition to the inconvenience caused, the material from which they are made does not protect against the coronavirus for the simple reason that many of they do not have a filter, they are not approved and they absorb moisture and droplets of saliva, instead of repelling them. P

You may make yourself a homemade fabric mask with an ear protector mask to make it more comfortable for you, but this is not recommended because homemade masks do not have a filter and do not ensure great effectiveness against COVID. It is better to use surgical masks and, if they bother your ears because you have been wearing them for a long time, put a protective ear mask. or tie it around the neck or other element.

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