Pros and cons of using face masks

Use of El surgical masks It generates much debate, despite the fact that in Spain it is mandatory to wear a mask to go out on the street or to be anywhere where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance. Despite this, since we cannot do without them until the health authorities leave us, people continue to wonder about the pros and cons of using masks to prevent Covid. 

The use of mandatory masks has led to the typical white or blue surgical mask having evolved and becoming a more fashionable object that we can customize or combine with our clothing, as Mascarillas Béjar does with their reusable surgical masks of different colors designed by well known designers. 

woman wearing a surgical mask in a supermarketSome people choose, to personalize their mask, to buy it out of fabric or even make it in their own home, but in this sense we advise you that if you want personalized masks for example for your company, opt for custom surgical masks like those of Mascarillas Béjar.

Since the cloth masks are less hygienic (you change the surgical ones after a few uses) and in some places such as hospitals their use has begun to be prohibited. In short, masks we will have to wear yes or yes, dog let's see what are the pros and cons of using protectors.


Arguments in favor of the use of masks 

  • The main form of contagion of Covid occurs when infected people speak, cough or sneeze or simply exhale and droplets of saliva are deposited on a surface or on another person, that if any part of their body such as the eyes or the mouth, it can become infected. With the face masks we prevent the infected person from spilling their droplets, thus reducing the transmission of the coronavirus. 
  • The disposable mask is a great barrier that prevents the spread of Covid in those people who are asymptomatic or who are in the incubation phase but do not have symptoms and are unaware that they have the virus. Normally, those who test positive avoid contact with other people and stay at home, but if you are asymptomatic and do not know that you have Covid, by wearing a face shield you are significantly reducing the fact that your droplets fall and infect other people. 
  • The mask not only prevents you from throwing out your droplets, it also protects yourself by preventing them from falling on your face and preventing you from touching your nose and mouth, which is one of the main ways we get infected with Covid. Touching the face is a reflex act, we do not realize it, and if we have touched an infected surface before, we are at high risk of becoming infected.
  • Countries that introduced the widespread use of masks in the population at the beginning of the pandemic, such as China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore or Taiwan, have managed to control the epidemic more effectively than in Europe or America, where the mandatory respiratory protection is implanted with the epidemic very advanced.


Cons of using face masks

  • One of the main arguments against, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, was the scarcity of chinstraps. That is why in Spain its mandatory use was not imposed until months later. However, this argument has already been overcome and today you can find respiratory protectors anywhere. 
  • Wearing a face shield can create a false sense of security, leading people to jump the safety distance or think that if you are in a crowd, nothing is wrong. 
  • If we wear a mouth cover we must use it correctly. It is useless if we leave our chinstrap on surfaces that are contaminated, because the droplets will enter the mouthpiece. We must save and protect our mask to avoid absurd infections. 
  • The use of masks can be counterproductive in certain population groups such as young children or people with breathing problems. There is also a lot of debate about whether or not it should be used when we practice a sport that requires a lot of physical effort. For these cases, the obligation to wear chinstraps provides exceptions, such as in children under 4 years of age or in people who carry a report from their doctor advising against their use.


The best masks you have in Mascarillas Béjar 

Remember that our products have the CE marking and comply with the UNE standards. Remember the correct use of masks from the nose to the chins, correctly covering your nose and mouth. Our types of FFP2 and type IIR masks have great respiratory protection with effective bacterial filtration against infectious agents

In short, whether or not you support the use of chinstraps, the question is that you have to wear them, and for this the best thing is surgical masks since they are beginning to discourage those made of fabric. In Mascarillas Béjar you can buy family packs of 200 surgical masks with which you save up to 24 euros.

Also design masks so that you do not have to give up style and even a whole pallet of masks if you have a company where the use of surgical masks is constant by workers. Contact now on our website or in .