Children and the coronavirus

An article recently appeared in the newspaper El Mundo about a study at the Vall d'Hebron Hospital in which it is stated that children transmit little of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and that if they do, half are asymptomatic. One of the biggest concerns on the part of the authorities and society in general was going back to school, which fortunately did not involve more risks. Children were thought to be a main transmitter of the coronavirus, especially since there have been studies that have linked children and the coronavirus.

But now, with this article from the Hospital Vall d'Hebrón, it seems to change this perspective, through its study on contagions and infections of children and the coronavirus. Within the figures of a study carried out on just over a thousand positive pediatric patients in Catalonia, it mentions that less than 10% of pediatric patients positive for the coronavirus, transmitted it to the other members of their family.

Do children transmit the coronavirus?

One part of the study was conducted in confinement, and the second part during the summer and the first seven weeks of back to school and the new normal phase. In sum, the study indicates that children “are less transmitters of SARS-CoV-2 than adults in the home environment (…). Now we see that the free movement of children and their return to schools have not led to a greater transmission of the virus from them ”.

It also points out that the vast majority have been secondary cases. In fact, in more than 70% of the cases, another family member was identified who had already been previously diagnosed with the disease. On the other hand, the study of children and the coronavirus indicates that about half of the children are asymptomatic and that those who require hospital admission for coronavirus is very low. However, it should not be overlooked that, in the cases of children with symptoms, 70% have had a fever, in addition to just over 30% have a cough, as well as a headache, 24% fatigue and a percentage lower, 16,3%, diarrhea.

Should children continue to protect themselves against the coronavirus?

Of course. The key strategy of success to protect us all against this pandemic is protection. It is good news to know that there are studies that indicate that little ones do not transmit SARS-CoV-2 in an alarming way. However, the infection can come from another adult with whom they live at home or even from their classmates at school. Strengthening security measures and not lowering our guard will be essential to mitigate the presence of the coronavirus not only in our country, but also worldwide.

And although there are already several pharmaceutical companies that point to a high percentage of success in terms of pioneering vaccines against COVID-19, specialists point out that immunization will come throughout 2021 and that to achieve full success and be able to talk about eradication, there will be to wait until 2022 and if all goes well. In the meantime, how do we protect ourselves and our children from the coronavirus? Using three basic and essential measures, which are frequent washing of hands, surfaces and belongings, the safety distance, and the use of masks.

It is great news to know that our children have a low infection rate and that at least half will have no symptoms. However, it is difficult to predict which children it will affect and which ones it will not. How do I know if my child will be in the middle of the risk group or if he will be in the middle of those without various health complications? It is impossible to know, so it is best to avoid getting sick. Use of El infant masks adapted to the size and shape of the face is a great preventive measure, in addition to those already mentioned. But it will also be important that as adults we set the example and offer alternatives to the little ones so that they opt for this option by having children's masks with drawings that encourage them to put them on, like the masks that we have in Mascarillas Béjar.

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