Transparent masks are they effective?

Transparent masks are they effective?

It is more than proven that one of the main protection measures that must be applied in the face of the COVID pandemic is the use of masks. Although there was great resistance at the beginning of the current health crisis, gradually people have been adopting the use of the mask as an effective protection measure to stop the infections by coronavirus. In this regard, various proposals have emerged - and continue to emerge. From the surgical mask sold in pharmacies and other shops, through fabric masks, and now, the transparent mask like Mónica Naranjo's mask.

If of surgical or sanitary masks, offer effective protection and are recommended as protection against COVID-19. The problem they have is that they are disposable, since they would have to be used at least one or two a day (they must be changed every 6 or 8 hours, even earlier if they get wet or dirty).

In the case of fabric masks, the problem is that they are usually made of cotton fabrics or that they favor absorption. Saliva and droplets from the nose and mouth quickly moisten the fabric, causing it to completely lose its protective function. Likewise, many cloth masks do not have a filter and are not approvedso they lose a lot of efficiency against the virus and it is recommended to wear sanitary masks.

Transparent Masks

What about clear masks?

One of the arguments against the use of masks has to do with the fact that they cover almost the entire face. This makes facial expressions difficult to appreciate and even makes communication difficult. This is a greater problem for those who have a hearing disability and who use lip reading to communicate, as well as representing a barrier for people with autism.

This has given rise to the new transparent masks, whose basic model can have a front cover, like a window, or there are those anatomical-type designs made of flexible polycarbonate. Or there is even another model that has become famous that is more open and totally transparent, covering the front of the face like a kind of mini screen. This type of mask has become popular because it is worn by some famous people. 

The problem with this type of transparent mask is that they are not usually approved. That is, they do not comply with the UNE 0065 specification or with the European CWA 17553 standard. Therefore, it does not guarantee protection against COVID 19. Furthermore, these models that are manufactured with polycarbonate or PVC cannot be certified.

While they may be accredited as personal protective equipment or PPE, it is not a respiratory protector, notes the General Council of Nursing (CGE).

This institution also indicates that this type of transparent protective mask is not useful to stop the contagion. It would be a complement similar to that of the screen, which does not filter, nor does it prevent the spread of aerosols, particles or droplets containing SARS CoV-2.

There is also another model of the latest generation transparent mask, which contains biosensors, breathing fan, temperature sensor, it has an app that collects and analyzes data, among other things. But it is still a prototype and is not available. There is even a much more modest model that this has a very high cost: more than 50 euros per unit.

In any case, approved transparent masks, and only if they offer the security and guarantee necessary to demonstrate their effectiveness against the coronavirus, should only be used by hearing impaired people, journalists who work in TV, people who are within the autistic aspect or even teachers in their classrooms. However, as health comes first, making a balance between its benefits and its cons, it is preferable to resort (except for this type of group) to a mask model that complies with health standards and regulations.

Are there cheaper and safer options in place of the clear face mask?

Of course. At Mascarillas Béjar we offer you high quality masks. They are manufactured in Béjar, Salamanca, and have AITEX (Individual Protection Equipment Certification Body) certificate in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC standards. We have reusable masks, which have the great advantage of being used several times and can be washed up to 5 times, even in the washing machine, so you save and do not spend so many surgical masks.

If what worries you about masks is aesthetics or fashion, in Mascarillas Béjar we have reusable masks with different colors and original prints, so as not to wear the typical medical mask. We also have an exclusive collection of masks made by designers such as Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz.

Our masks have 3 layers. The outer layer is 25g polypropylene (Spunbond), the filter is made of 99g BFE 25 (Meltblown) and the inner layer is 25g white polypropylene (Spunbond). The wire is very comfortable thanks to its plastic cover, while the elastic is made of polyester and elastomer, 3 mm thick, they are masks that do not irritate your ears!

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