Reusable custom masks for events

In the middle of the year, as coronavirus infections decreased, restrictive measures were relaxed a bit. Bars and restaurants began to open, the children returned to school and some events began to take place, including weddings, with the proper sanitary and capacity measures. One of the measures is to wear a mandatory mask, which is why it is highly recommended to purchase reusable personalized masks for events.

Among the security measures that must be observed during the health crisis due to COVID-19 are frequent hand washing, a safety distance of two meters, and the use of masks, which is mandatory.

If for any reason you are going to carry out some type of event that has to do with your work, with your business or staff such as a wedding or communion, it will be essential that attendees have masks. ORne original way to give them gifts and at the same time to comply with the security measures is with reusable personalized masks for events.

Use of custom reusable masks for events to comply with security measures

Although there are still some people against the use of masks, and who do not even use them, studies show that they are still an excellent barrier method to stop infections by coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. The droplets, which are tiny drops that cannot even be seen with the naked eye, travel at impressive speeds, so that an interlocutor can easily be reached by them and become infected. And if they are carriers of coronavirus, the possibility of contagion is high.

On the other hand, when you have a personal protection element such as custom reusable masks for events, this risk decreases dramatically. It has even been detected in studies that those people who get the droplets are less likely to be infected than if they did not wear a hygienic mask. Of course, it will depend a lot on the type of mask used at the event to ensure everyone's safety. What is the best custom mask for events?

Are reusable cloth masks useful at an event?

Disposable masks, as we mentioned before, function as a physical barrier against bodily effluvia such as saliva - coming from sneezing, coughing or even speaking or screaming. And they also serve as a filter for particles that are suspended in the air. This led many people to choose to use cloth masks, for various reasons, such as that they were more comfortable, washable and therefore reusable, and also because they are customizable and can be combined with the outfit.

The big but is that cloth chinstraps, in general, do not usually have the necessary properties to combat the transmission of the virus effectively, since most do not have a filter and are not approved. This means that they allow the passage of particles, in addition to the fact that the humidity formed by use (breath and exhalation), added to body or ambient heat, favors the incubation of viruses and bacteria, making them counterproductive to use in an event.

if it is a closed place or where due to the number of people it is not possible to guarantee the safety distance, they are not effective at all to avoid contagions.

The solution: custom reusable masks for events

Obviously, to avoid contagion, and to guarantee that those attending your event do not wear a cloth mask that is not recommended or approved, it is best to use surgical masks, but these are not reusable or customizable. Therefore Masks Béjar brings you the solution: custom reusable masks for eventsThey are sanitary masks but they can be personalized with your logo or brand and are reusable with up to 5 washes.

At Mascarillas Béjar we offer you the best approved respiratory protectors that meet all the requirements: they are reusable, they can be personalized and they are also washable. We are a Spanish company that produces approved face shield 100% made in Spain both for companies and associations, sports clubs, weddings, communions or any other type of event that you are going to carry out.

So in the event that you need personalized mouth covers for those attending your event, you just have to request them and we will have them ready faster than the competition, which also does not give you guarantees. Mascarillas Béjar is the only company in Spain that offers you the service of reusable personalized masks for events in sanitary chinstraps.

Likewise, We also have reusable sanitary masks with different patterns and colors and even an exclusive series made by designers like Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz. You can buy these packs for your events and celebrations or to use on a personal level and combine with your clothes. Do not forget to use them correctly from nose to chin, that is, protecting your nose and mouth for the best respiratory protection.

If you also want normal surgical masks whether for an event, for your company, family, etc., at Mascarillas Béjar we offer you packs of 100 and 200 type IIR surgical masks onwards. we also have FFP2 masks. We can even send you a pallet for your company. Remember that we have the CE marking and complying with the UNE standards, ideal to protect ourselves from infectious agents effectively from bacterial filtration.

For children we sanitary infant masks with drawings. Don't miss out on your custom reusable masks for events and place your order now. Contact us and for any questions write to