Customizable masks

Marketing makes its way into surgical masks that we are obliged to wear on our faces to leave home, work or enjoy any event -as long as the capacity allows it-. Masks protect us and are a barrier to prevent the spread of Covid, but as we have incorporated it into our daily lives, either out of our own conscience or out of obligation, we have made it a more fashionable accessory, and from there they arise the brand masks and the interest of many companies or people to wear customizable masks.

The customizable masks give us the opportunity to show on our face the logo of our company, our football team or even our name. People are no longer satisfied with the typical pharmacy masks since, if we must wear them every day, why not take the opportunity to combine the mask with our outfit or turn it into an element that gives us personality and distinction.

Advantages of customizable surgical masks 

The first thing we should know is that when we are going to request customizable masks, they can offer us two main types: cloth masks and surgical masks. It may be that at first glance, fabric masks are an option because they give us the possibility of embroidering a personalized element, but above all there is the safety and effectiveness of the masks, and the vast majority of fabric masks do not have a filter or are not approved. This makes them lose effectiveness in the fight against the spread of the virus and even they can veto you from taking them andn certain spaces such as hospitals, where they are now prohibited.

The best option if you want personalized masks is to opt for customizable surgical masks. This type of mask is approved and allowed in all spaces. Where can you find us customized surgical masks? At Mascarillas Béjar, we are the only company that customizes surgical masks. The rest of the mask companies either offer you to customize only the fabric ones or they offer you surgical ones without the possibility of customization.

At Mascarillas Béjar we offer you customizable surgical masks with the advantage that they are reusable with five washes, so you don't have to throw it away after just one use, saving you money and helping the environment. We guarantee a 99,8% effectiveness and a totally affordable price for your order of personalized masks. See the instructions on our website on how to order.

Why use customizable masks

You may be wondering when you can use customizable masks. At Mascarillas Béjar we give you a series of ideas so that you can make a difference with your masks, surprise and be original.

  • Business: 

    • The most widespread use of customizable masks is in companies, it is a way for employees to go corporate, especially in those companies that use some type of uniform or work clothes. It is also a way in which the company can provide employees with the masks necessary for their work.
  • Events:

    • The events are being held little by little according to the anti-Covid security measures, and a very original way to adapt to the measures while surprising the guests is to give them customizable masks with the image, logo or design of the event.
  • Luxury Weddings:

    • Like events, weddings are already held with their respective security measures. Give your guests something useful like customizable masks on the occasion of the wedding, which will also look very cool in the photos of that day.
  • Sport clubs:

    • In certain sports disciplines they require wearing a mask. Customize the masks of your players and your fans with the crest or the club image.
  • Hospitality:

    • give a professional image of your restaurant, hotel, etc., with your employees with the mask with the image of your business. A good restaurant with well-dressed waiters looks better if they wear the same mask thanks to customizable masks.
  • Clinics and health centers:

    • Obviously, in everything related to health the mask is essential. But you should not settle for the basic masks for that. If the fabric ones cannot be worn, the best and most professional option for these spaces are the customizable surgical masks from Mascarillas Béjar.

In short, if you are looking for customizable surgical masks, contact Mascarillas Béjar now. In addition to personalized masks we have packs of 200 masks on offer and we can even send your company a pallet of masks. Contact now with us or send an email to and discover the best surgical masks.