Masks for children, everything you need to know

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one of the most important measures that have been taken is the use of a mask. This has turned out to be a barrier method to stop the spread of a potentially dangerous virus, where not only the user is protected, but also protects others.

Although in its beginnings the elderly and people with certain health or immunological problems were the main affected by the disease, soon children can also suffer from it and require use surgical masks infant or child masks.

At what age should children's masks be used

Although there has been debate about what age children should wear masks, the WHO advises that only those under 5 years old should not wear masks as a preventive measure against COVID-19. The criteria were based, among other things, on the autonomy that the minor must have to use it correctly.

In the case of children from 6 to 11 years old, the use of the mask is fully recommended, since they are already more autonomous and have a greater capacity to understand the situation and the importance of using children's masks. Children from 12 years of age can use adult masks.

On the other hand, although the patients who manifest moderate to severe symptoms from coronavirus are not usually children, they may be asymptomatic patients.

For example, if they live with adults at risk, the possibility of infecting them increases. This is another compelling reason for your children to wear children's masks. And there is another reason: going back to school. Have a infant mask It is mandatory when attending school and avoiding contagion with other colleagues.

Children's masks

Where to get children's masks

Many parents and guardians, faced with the problem of not finding masks for children in pharmacies -especially at the beginning of the pandemic-, resorted to tutorials on the Internet to make them.

Although as an emergency measure it seems good, in reality it is not so good. The problem with fabric masks, especially those that are made of natural fibers such as cotton, is that their filtering capacity allows not only moisture, but also viruses and bacteria to pass through.. Most cloth masks do not have a filter and are not approved, so they are not fully effective

And that's not all, but fabric masks become real breeding grounds where humidity and heat combine so that microorganisms grow there. So instead of protecting, the opposite happens. What to do then to find masks for children?

At Mascarillas Béjar we are Spanish manufacturers of surgical masks for children. Our masks are approved and have an AITEX certificate that endorses personal protection equipment and also comply with current regulations such as ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC.

We are manufacturers of surgical masks for children, which are comfortable and extremely pleasant to the touch, they are hypoallergenic and your children can use them without problem for several hours. And since children tend to need several mask changes, it will be convenient for you to purchase special packages for your each of many masks, such as the ones we have in Béjar Masks: offer of 100 children's surgical masks.

Our children's masks, moreover, are not the typical blue or white, but rather They have different drawings so that they like the little ones and each day they wear a different pattern. Wearing a mask will become fun for children.

Even if you run a school, it is best if you always have children's masks on hand for your students, especially in case they have forgotten theirs at home or if the one they are wearing is no longer clean or has broken. Remember that by protecting one you protect everyone, adults and children alike.

Your masks for children and adults in Mascarillas Béjar

Masks from Mascarillas Béjar are highly recommended. They have 3 layers, an outer layer is made of polypropylene, a filter that filters 99,7% of germs and dust, and the inner layer is also made of polypropylene. They are made according to the size of the child's face and the elastics are very comfortable to place behind the ears.

We offer you packs of 4 boxes of 25 units each at a price much lower than 1 euro per unitIsn't it convenient to buy several boxes and always have them available at home or at school? And because it is for children, we have very beautiful and fun designs, there are 5 different ones and on our website you can see the photos of each one of them. They measure 14,5 x 9 cm.

If you are looking for Approved children's surgical masks, you do not need to buy Chinese masks or unknown manufacturers. We have not only appeared in various media as an example of a mask made in Spain, but we also have certifications. Our customers attest to the quality of our product. They have not only bought masks for their children, but that we also have adult sanitary masks, and we also have reusable masks Washable and easy to use, in different colors and patterns, allowing up to 5 washes.

Find in Mascarillas Béjar the packs that we have of masks for adults, families and companies, as well as custom business reusable masks. The only company in Spain that gives you this option. And we also have designer printed masks with exclusive models for Béjar Masks: they will fascinate you.

We supply orders to the entire peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Order your masks for children or adults now. Contact for any questions on our website or in the mail