Masks for sports

The use of masks to go out is mandatory in Spain, also in spaces there is a concentration of people that hinders the minimum safety distance. With regard to the use of masks for sports, there is still controversy about whether it is convenient to use or not. In principle, the surgical mask to play sports, but in certain gyms they force it, especially if you can't keep your distance.

Outdoors, on the one hand there are those who say that it is not necessary to use masks to play sports if you keep a certain distance from others. But on the other hand there is the fact that someone can sneeze or cough when you pass by, and if neither is wearing adequate protection, there is a risk of contagion.

It never hurts to err on the side of caution, so if you are going to do sports both indoors and outdoors, put on the appropriate masks for sports. It is also important to know the material from which they are made. ¿Did you know that cloth masks do not protect you adequately and are not approved? So make sure you know which masks to use. 

Where to find masks for sports that allow you to breathe well

Surgical masks are the most used option in these times and those recommended by health authorities. However, they are single-use and it is easy to spend and dispose of many of them in a short time. If you have a family, this is complicated, because the use you will make of masks at home will increase. And in this new reality that we live in, masks are something essential that simply have to be used on a daily basis. This problem is solved thanks to the reusable surgical masks of Béjar Masks, which can be reused with up to five washes.

One of the disadvantages when doing physical activity is that you sweat, your breath is humid and with the heat and condensation it easily becomes the optimal place for viruses and bacteria of all kinds to grow. Fabric masks, especially cotton, are also inadvisable for this very reason. In surgical sports masks, being made of fibers, they are more hygienic in addition to being effective.

We recommend using masks to do sport surgical although they are not mandatory, for example when you go for a run or a bike. If you run alone, you do not know when you are going to run into someone and that person approaches you and asks you something, or if they suddenly cough or sneeze or some droplets of their breath reach your nose or mouth. It will be better that from the beginning of your exercise routine you are protected and do not try to cover your face with your hand, because it will be worse.

If you run accompanied, especially with people with whom you do not share a home, you do not know what their routine is like, their circles, the means of transport they use, their workplace, their hygiene habits, etc. Camaraderie and good vibes are not a guarantee of health. So the best thing is that everyone wears masks to play sports and thus reduce the risk of contagion as much as possible and increase mutual protection.

Where to buy surgical sports masks that are also in colors?

Surgical masks are the most recommended by experts to protect you and protect others against fabric masks that are not approved and do not have a filter, and FFP2 and FFP3 masks, which can make breathing difficult and are only recommended for healthcare personnel.

If you are looking for surgical masks, at Mascarillas Béjar we manufacture multi-layer masks that offer impermeability, a nanofilament membrane that prevents the passage of viruses and bacteria, as well as polyamide and ethanol materials, as well as polypropylene for greater safety.

Of course, being able to breathe well is very important for daily life and especially if you are going to play sports. A mask that is not lightweight and is not made of materials such as those mentioned above, will make you make the mistake of many: wearing it improperly. How many times have you found other runners who wear the mask under the nose or even just covering the chin because it does not let them breathe well? This is simply a delusion that offers a false sense of security ... when in reality it is as if they are not wearing anything. This will not happen with Mascarillas Béjar surgical sports masks.

To avoid excuses of not wearing masks for sports or that prevent you from breathing, our surgical masks for running or practicing sports are the best. They are not only made with the aforementioned materials, but they You have them available in various colors, designs and patterns that come out of the boring blue or white color of drugstore masks. So if you want to wear an original mask for sports, you don't have to fall into wearing it in fabric. And if you look mcustomizable surgical masks For a sports club, company or whatever, at Mascarillas Béjar we also make them. We are the only company in Spain that makes them.

As we have told you, the masks for surgical sports of Mascarillas Béjar also have the great advantage that they are washable and you can use them several times, so you save on masks. There are no more excuses to protect yourself, comply with the rules, look great with this accessory and also avoid buying single-use masks. Contact now Contact us to buy surgical masks for sports and we will deliver them to your home or business. We have family packs with offers. For any questions contact us or write to .