Masks for events

During this long health crisis caused by the coronavirus, there have been ups and downs in terms of infections. And while a COVID vaccine is already on the horizon with great optimism and hope, that moment is not so close yet. And what remains for us is to live and adapt to this new normal, adopting and adapting to the use of masks in daily life and work, as well as in our celebrations, with masks for events.

In this regard, and since it is not possible to stop the day-to-day, work commitments and other circumstances, even in the midst of a pandemic it is necessary that some events be held. If you have an event soon and you need all your guests to be properly protected and comply with the necessary health measures, in addition to wearing the same image or type of mask, at Mascarillas Béjar we offer you custom event masks and approved.

What are the best masks for events

Personal protection is essential in these times. Wearing a proper mask is the difference between health and illness, even more serious things happening. Whether it is a company event, a family event to celebrate a wedding or something similar, it is essential that you comply with the corresponding health and safety measures. This refers to several things, from frequent hand washing, through the use of hydroalcoholic gel, respecting the safety distance, and of course, the use of a mask for events.

Throughout these months it has been emphasized that the use of the mask avoids or at least reduces the spread of coronavirus. Of course, it will also depend on the type of mask used, since cloth masks, for example, they may be very pretty, but do not offer sufficient protection neither to whoever carries them nor to other people, since most do not have a filter and are not approved. Other masks like FPP2 or FPP3 are more expensive or are intended for use by healthcare personnel, as well as being more uncomfortable, less aesthetic and cannot be customized What, then, are the best masks for events?

Regardless of whether there are few people who attend your event, it is important that all attendees not only have, but also have the confidence that they will be given one or more spare ones if necessary. For that At Mascarillas Béjar we offer you packs of 100 or 200 surgical masks homologues that can be distributed among the attendees. These are the most effective, with 99,8%. Now, they may not be very aesthetic. But don't worry, becausen Marcarillas Béjar we have the solution: reusable and customizable sanitary masks, as well as available in different colors and patterns.

Masks for events customized as you want, approved and reusable

Our masks are made of 100% Spanish manufacturing. This guarantees not only quality, but that your order for wholesale masks will arrive in a few days throughout the Peninsula. These are masks that offer high comfort for those who use them. They are hypoallergenic masks, which can be used without problem for several hours and will not give you mascacne.

Our masks are washable and reusable, so you can use them several times and they can be washed up to 5 times even in the washing machine. For your event they are perfect because we will gladly customize them as you want. We can print a particular design, be it a name, a logo, a drawing or whatever you need. And since they are reusable, attendees can take them as a souvenir or you can even use them as a merchandising strategy.

If what you are looking for are masks for events, we have them. They are extremely safe, their filtering capacity against germs is high: 99,8%. They consist of 3 layers, whose components are 25 g polypropylene and 99 g BFE 25 (filter). They are very comfortable and are not one of the masks that bother the ears. Its materials do not produce allergy or irritation and also allow you to breathe very well, so much so that they can be used for sports.

On our website you will find various offers of approved masks online, for example, packs of 200 surgical masks, and also infant masks, as well as there are special packs for companies. And to show off at an event, in addition to personalized masks, we have collections of reusable masks stamped with different colors and design and designer. We have exclusive designs for Béjar Masks by Ana Locking, Devota & Lomba, Ion Fiz or Torreta that you will love. In short, for your masks for events contacts with Béjar Masks. You can ask us any questions at a