Running masks

Until a year ago, the runners would never have asked this question, it would even have seemed absurd to them. However, it has become the main topic of conversation for those who practice running or any other sports activity both outdoors and indoors: what type should I use when running and if it is necessary to wear for running. Here we will talk more in depth about the subject and we will also tell you what masks you can use and which ones not.

Given the de-escalation and the decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases, it seemed that everything would gradually return to normal, and within this normality would be being able to practice sports outdoors without the need to use for running. However, restrictive measures have been re-established for everyone's safety.

Running masks you shouldn't use

Among the main drawbacks when using running masks, there is undoubtedly the one that bothers you to breathe. Walking with a sunset is not the same as running, because running speeds up our breathing. There are masks of all types and materials, but not because there is a variety to choose from does it mean that they are all suitable, but rather that you have to know the true benefits or limitations they offer.

In the case of those that are made of fabric for running, they could seem a good option, since you can choose different designs and colors and combine them with a sports outfit. Wearing a cotton one is also attractive for its texture and comfort.

The but is that in reality the cloth does not protect effectively against the coronavirus, first because most cloth masks do not have a filter and are not approved, letting the droplets pass, and secondly, because they quickly become wet and become an ideal medium for viruses and bacteria to reproduce.

In the case of las FFP2 and FFP3 masks -the cone or duckbill- and the like, they are not recommended for running either. On the one hand, they are called 'selfish' because although they protect you, they do not protect others because they let everything you expel through your nose and mouth pass.

On the other hand, they are so closed that you quickly cause a choking sensation when you run. They are effective against the virus, yes, but very uncomfortable to run and are recommended that only health personnel use them.

Surgical running masks

Companies that  sanitary or surgical -the ones that are usually sold in pharmacies- they are comfortable and practical, as well as light, and offer effective protection against coronavirus. They are therefore good for running. The problem is that they are single use and need to be changed even after 6 or 8 hours.

Keep in mind that, although you can do without using it to run arguing that you are in an open space, that there is enough safety distance, you are healthy, etc., you should not trust it.

Remember that you are obliged to use a mask outdoors, in addition to not doing so you are exposed to a penalty, but even more, that it is vital that you are properly protected at all times for your own health. Keep in mind that you do not know when you will pass other people without a safe distance, for example.

Where to buy reusable and efficient running masks?

Given the above, it seems to be an impossible mission to get washable and approved running masks, which can be used several times and we do not have to use a surgical mask each time. But it is not impossible and for that Masks Béjar offers you both surgical masks and reusable sanitary masks We have been featured in a number of serious news media thanks to our efficiency and quality.

Our masks are manufactured in Béjar, Salamanca and have AITEX certificate, which is the Certification Body for Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC standards.

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Remember that our products are CE marked and comply with the UNE standards. Do not forget to correctly use your mask from nose to chin, covering your nose and mouth, for the best respiratory protection and effective bacterial filtration against infectious agents.

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