Masks for coronavirus. What should I take into account before buying them?

How to choose a mask for coronavirus

The global health contingency has changed the way we take health precautions. This resulted in the constant use of coronavirus masks. With it came huge demand and, as a consequence, oversupply.

Among the huge number of masks available, it can be increasingly complex to choose the right one. To achieve this, you must remember that we are dealing with a tiny virus that escapes between certain types of tissues.

Against COVID-19, the best protection is found in masks that have an adequate filter and that are surgical grade. The purpose is to avoid the risk of contracting and spreading the disease, so you must choose the best mask.

The coronavirus in the world 

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the world exceed 9 million, according to the mapping carried out by scientists from Johns Hopkins University, in the United States. This same country tops the list with a mortality rate of 38,2%.

With more than 9 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, the United States tops the list of infections.

The second place with the most numbers of infections is Brazil, with an alarming figure of more than 1 cases. It is the United Kingdom, Italy and France that complete the 200 countries with the highest number of cases of Coronavirus.

Spain, although with fewer cases, has a mortality rate of 60,7%. In order to combat these figures, we must stop the contagion. This is accomplished by using the proper protection.

Remember that there are cases that are asymptomatic, and they are still contagious. The use of coronavirus masks is overall protection against an invisible but deadly disease.

Therefore, the use of coronavirus masks it has become the best way to avoid future outbreaks. As activities resume toward a new normal, masks are the best defense against contagion.

The World Health Organization has warned of an increase in positive cases in Europe. This means that we must increase precautions in order to guarantee collective health.

This is also reflected in the reactivation of the tourist sectors. Given the opening to the reception of tourism, the Spanish population must protect itself with adequate measures. This helps prevent possible outbreaks and quarantines to curb the spread.

Everyone Vs. the pandemic

Protective measures against the pandemic are thought out in an empathic and courteous way with those around us. Faced with a virus that can present itself silently, the risk of contagion becomes a greater concern.

It is precisely to reduce possible infections that the use of coronavirus masks has been established as a universal measure. In this way, the population can take care of each other, seeking collective health.

The best protection with masks for coronavirus

This worldwide effort has allowed the reopening of certain activities in some countries. Masks for coronavirus are the most adopted measure for the prevention of contagion, which allows the development of new businesses dedicated to their manufacture.

The rise of coronavirus masks 

As you know, during the quarantine period, social distance measures were added to the mandatory use of coronavirus masks. This generated a huge demand, because the population began to use them like never before. 

Since surgical masks are a hospital product, manufacturers were not used to such demand. This led to a boom in the sale of coronavirus masks from everywhere.

With this, the quality assurance was reduced, since there are no real control measures. Meanwhile, the companies dedicated to this industry began to compete with excessive demand and low-cost, low-quality manufacturers.

However, in the face of COVID-19, protection measures must be much stricter in order to stop the spread of this terrible disease.

Learn to buy your masks 

There are some points that you should take into account when buying coronavirus masks. You are looking for a product that prevents the spread of the virus, both for you and for those around you.

The droplets that come from the nose and mouth can remain on tissues and surfaces. This facilitates the spread. With a mask capable of containing these droplets, they die in a sterile area. 

The use of the mask offers you protection, as long as you use it properly. In addition to its correct placement, disposal must be done responsibly once it has completed its useful life. 

Next, we will talk about the characteristics that you should consider when choosing your mask. Remember that the ones we manufacture in Béjar have surgical grade protection.

What masks are really useful? 

The most common and easy to find masks are known as barrier masks. These usually consist of a single piece of cloth, without a filter or further protection. This type of mask is the least effective in preventing contagion.

Later we find the sanitary masks. These have greater protection, although they still have a failure rate. The most recommended coronavirus masks in the contingency of COVID-19 are surgical ones.

Companies that Béjar surgical masks They have a 53 gram TNT filter, unlike our competitors whose filter is 20 grams. This guarantees you a much greater protection: think that they are the ones used in surgical procedures.

Faced with the current pandemic due to COVID-19, maximum protection is necessary. Surgical masks prevent the entry and exit of particles, trapping them in a sterile area.

Unlike other brands, Béjar masks offer you a superior quality filter. This allows for the proper filtration that a doctor needs. For this reason they are also the most suitable to be used when going out.

Quality Vs. price

Although quality is one of the most important factors, the price of the masks plays an important role in the decision. A higher price does not necessarily mean greater protection. To discern it, it is important that you know the manufacturing details.

In the case of Béjar masks, being a product manufactured in Spain, this allows us to reduce production and transport costs, which makes them an excellent option, as well as offering you home delivery.

Being such an important item today, coronavirus masks must meet protection standards. The best thing to do is to invest in quality at an affordable price, as is the case with our surgical masks.

Discover how to choose masks for coronavirus

Buying a larger quantity of coronavirus masks can represent savings. Since our activities will gradually reactivate, it is a good idea to prevent the protection of our loved ones.

When placing your order in Béjar masks you can choose the package that best suits your needs. In addition, you can receive your masks with home delivery and safely, supporting a national company.

How to choose the ideal coronavirus masks?

To choose the most suitable coronavirus masks, you must take into account your daily needs. Caring for the sick and elderly can represent a risk, so precautions must be taken.

Work centers that resume activities must have the necessary protection measures. The use of coronavirus masks protects staff and their families, reducing the spread of contagion.

To protect your home, the best thing you can do is go out protected when necessary. Even when the work environment is complex, you should look for masks that provide the protection you want for your loved ones.

Due to the sanitization that an operating room requires, surgical masks have a TNT filter. This allows to contain any virus that is present, both in doctors and in patients.

Surgical masks are one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Thus, surgical masks are a means to avoid infecting and being infected. The greater the filter protection, the greater the guarantee of preventing the spread of the virus. At Béjar, our masks offer superior protection than other masks.

Recognize the quality of coronavirus masks

If you are looking for coronavirus masks, place your order with us. Mascarillas Béjar is a guarantee of quality, in addition to being a national company. Get the best protection for yours with the best surgical masks.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we cope on a daily basis. One of the first needs that arose was the use of masks for protection. Faced with such a contagious disease, it was necessary to take steps to prevent its spread.

With the need to use masks for coronavirus, came a boom in the supply and demand of this product. The companies dedicated to this branch saw the opportunity to grow and, with it, competitors were also born.

Being such a necessary item, offers of lower priced masks and, therefore, lower quality emerged. However, To stop the spread of COVID-19 it is important to use the right protection.

Surgical masks are one of the best options in this pandemic. Because they are made with three layers and a TNT filter, they offer extensive protection against contagion, thanks to the containment of droplets from the nose and mouth that can carry the virus.

Place your order in Masks Béjar. Our product has the highest quality standards and it is a proudly Spanish company that ships throughout the national territory.

Remember that the correct use and disposal of masks helps to avoid contagion. Our masks have a useful life of up to 8 hours, protecting against sweat and humidity to prolong their effectiveness.