Personalized Christmas masks

Personalized masks for this Christmas

Companies that masks They are here to stay ... at least for several more months. Even when the pandemic situation is under control, it will be prudent and healthy to continue using them as an effective method against the coronavirus. But it does not have to be something negative, because in the end it is an element that has played an important role in controlling this situation. In addition, you can customize your masks for your company, business, event, etc, and also for certain times, such as Christmas that is so close with individualized Christmas masks.

A good way to adapt to these changes is to put a good face on the circumstances. So, instead of thinking about the obligation to wear a mask, it is better to put all the effort to look the best possible mask.

As we are already in December, then wearing a seasonal outfit according to Santa Claus, nativity scenes, Christmas wreaths and Christmas trees is very cool. Of course, you don't have to put safety aside, that's why at Mascarillas Béjar we offer you customizable Christmas masks as you want, which in addition to being very cool are approved and are the most effective.

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What kind of personalized Christmas masks are the most suitable?

There are all kinds of individualizable Christmas masks on the Internet. There are some made of fabric, for example, but they have the disadvantage that it is usually fabric that absorbs moisture and thus favors the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Likewise, many cloth masks that are sold in stores or online do not have a filter and are not approved, so they are not recommended having less effectiveness. At Christmas, we are more likely to meet friends or acquaintances whom we greet and stop to chat, and if the mask we wear does not offer adequate protection, the consequences can be contagious.

Instead, when you use a personalized Christmas approved mask such as Mascarillas Béjar, not only do you feel in the atmosphere of Christmas, but also you feel calm because you know that you are well protected and you also protect other people. That is the purpose of Mascarillas Béjar, offering masks with different colors and patterns, but at the same time that they have a high level of protection against the coronavirus. 

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Personalized Christmas masks to give away

It is important that during this time we avoid family reunions with loved ones who do not belong to our close circle of coexistence, to avoid contagion. But even at a distance we can keep them very present when sending them a gift. Nowadays everything can be sent by courier, why not also send them a pack of high protection masks?

Even for your company or business, a nice detail to give to your employees, collaborators, clients and distributors can be Christmas masks customized with the logo or name of your company. Thus, they will not only be able to use them and grow this solidarity Christmas spirit that is so much needed in these times, but also advertise your company.

In Béjar Masks we customize masks, with your company logo or with any design you need. For this time of year, it will be a nice touch to use these masks, in addition to the fact that they have the advantage that they protect your face from the cold, since their coverage will prevent you from inhaling the icy air of this beginning of winter and give warmth to your cheeks. Don't settle for any kind of customizable Christmas masks if they don't offer the protection so vital in these times.

We make surgical masks type IIR, made in Spain. They have a high filtering capacity against germs and particles of 99,7%. They have 3 layers, two of 25 g polypropylene and their filter is 99 g BFE 25.

They are so comfortable that it will not cost you to breathe with them. Its materials do not produce allergy or irritation, you can even use them to practice sports.

Reusable masks that we customize as you want and offers on surgical masks

On our website we offer you very good offers of approved masks on-line. Either the single pack of 100 units at less than 70 euros. Or family packs of 200 units and even infant masks with very cool designs for the little ones.

We have reusable sanitary masks that can be used several times and have the advantage that they are washable up to 5 times, even in the washing machine. It really pays to have a pack always available! You can customize your reusable masks in Mascarillas Béjar and create your own with personalized Christmas masks to give to your employees, friends, etc. 

We also have exclusive collections of reusable masks designed by Ana Locking, Devota & Lomba, Ion Fiz or Torreta, perfect to buy for yourself or to give as a gift. What you can't miss is our special Golden Ticket Christmas promotion to win great prizes. 

Because it is Christmas, we have a gift that you will love. In our selected packs there is a hidden golden ticket with a prize… yes, like the one for the movie and the book. They are 125.000 euros in prizes! These are 200 gold tickets and 1 platinum ticket with prizes of more than 500 euros in packs of special Christmas surgical masks.

Enjoy these dates being healthy, that health is priceless: from Mascarillas Béjar we wish you the best. We send orders to the entire Peninsula. For any questions Send us an email to or a message through the Contact Form.