Medical masks for daily use

When the pandemic began earlier this year, it was difficult to predict what would happen next. Restrictions on activities, personal care management, safe distance, and use of surgical masks began to become a new normal. The gradual decline in cases led to overconfidence among the population, the initial sanitary measures began to relax and as a result, now a new wave of infections has rebounded alarmingly. This has led to making medical masks for daily use part of our routine.

Medical masks for daily use to protect against COVID-19

A few decades ago, when vehicle seat belts became mandatory, many people claimed that it restricted their movement, that they did not see it necessary if they were traveling nearby, at low speeds, that they were good drivers, etc. However, under the surveillance of the authorities, the reduction of accidents and prevention, it was found that it did work. And these days people use it, either to avoid penalties or for simple precaution, but it works.

Something similar happens or with medical masks for daily use, currently mandatory in Spain. As can be read in various portals, both news and scientific, the vaccine against Covid will still take time, and it will not be a kind of 'magic' cure. Meanwhile it more sensible and successful is to use medical masks for daily use that protect us all, both who wears it and whoever comes across this person.

There are complaints about whether they interfere, if they impede speaking or breathing well, even doubting their function, when there is scientific evidence that indicates that a quality surgical mask, well used and clean, protects against the coronavirus. And even in the worst of cases, there is also evidence that indicates that contracting the disease the symptoms are much less than if there is an open and direct exposure, that is, without a mask.

Wearing medical masks for daily use is synonymous with protection and health. Of course, it is very important to take care of other factors, for example, the quality and manufacturer of the mask, as well as changing it every 6 or 8 hours in a row, and of course, using it properly. The latter has to do with placing it correctly before leaving home, avoiding touching your face (eyes, mouth and nose) or even the mask, because it could be contaminated, in addition to that it must cover the contour well and not wear it on the neck, on the chin or covering only the mouth.

And of course, you also have to be attentive to basic care, such as correct and frequent hand washing or using hydroalcoholic gel when there is no soap and water. And also avoid crowded places where it is not possible to have a safety distance of 2 meters, among other precautions to avoid contracting or spreading Covid.  

Why it is important to have adequate daily medical masks

As we mentioned before, the quality of the masks is vital. There are products on the market of dubious origin and extremely low standards that do not offer any protection. And with regard to buying masks online from China, for example, on the one hand it does not guarantee their quality and effectiveness, and on the other there are the costs (that cheap is also expensive) and delivery times, which can last for weeks.

There are currently various types of masks. Some are cloth, others are filter FFPs, and there are surgical masks. In the first case, if they are made of cotton, given their absorption property, they are not recommended because they retain moisture and are a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Further, Most cloth masks are not approved and do not have a filter, so the health authorities do not recommend them. In the case of FFP2 and FFP3, it does have a high effectiveness against Covid, but the health authorities recommend them for health personnel or certain jobs and not for the general public.

Surgical masks are actually the best option out there for everyday use according to the recommendations of the health authorities. Mascarillas Béjar masks have a triple layer and an exclusive TNT filter that offers 99,7% filtration against the virus. It has an ultrasonic joint weld as well as strong filtering and offers safe breathing.

Mascarillas Béjar medical masks for daily use are also manufactured in Spain. When you request a Spanish mask, you not only help the national economy, but also your order will arrive in less time. At Mascarillas Béjar we have Spanish masks of the highest quality. They are surgical and comply with national regulations and are approved, in addition to other advantages.

Buy medical masks for daily use in Béjar Masks

Our medical masks for daily use have an anatomical fit for all face types and they fit very well. They do not give off particles or have substances that irritate or are toxic. The fastening straps are extra long, super comfortable and in addition to the classic blue color, we have them available in various models, colors and designs that will match all kinds of garments. We also have face masks for children with different colors and designs that the little ones will love and will make them protected.

Learn about their technical specifications and certifications on our website. We supply individuals with packs for families 1 to 3 members of 100 medical masks for daily use or 4 to 6 members of 200 units of masks. We also sell medical masks for daily use such as companies, clubs, associations, companies and those who require wholesale masks, we can even send you a pallet of masks.

And if you are looking for medical masks for daily use that are not the typical pharmacy blue ones but that come in different designs and colors, at Mascarillas Béjar we have reusable surgical masks up to 5 washes with very original designs and prints. So your mask will not be at odds with fashion. We even have a collection of masks designed by Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz exclusively for Mascarillas Béjar. And if you want custom masks, we also make them. We are the only company in Spain that produces custom reusable surgical masks. Check our attractive prices on our website and place your order today.