Approved washable masks

The use of masks to stop and protect against Covid has been crucial during the pandemic. And although there are still some voices that refuse to use them, the evidence of their usefulness has ended up being imposed. Taking care of yourself is vital these days and that is why the Spanish government decreed the use of the mask as mandatory. This means that in every home, business or company it is essential to have a good assortment of masks.

However, it should be mentioned that among the various impacts that the coronavirus has had on society, two stand out, the economic and the environmental. In the first case, the enormous expense that is made when buying surgical masks disposable, as they are for single use. And in the second case, this generates a great pollution due to the large volume of masks that are thrown away day after day. In view of the above, wouldn't it be better to have approved washable masks?

Where to find approved washable masks that are effective

On the internet there are countless tutorials to make homemade fabric masks, which are washable and for various uses. The idea may sound good, but nevertheless, the problem is that homemade cloth masks do not have a filter and are therefore not approved washable masks, because they are much less effective against the virus. In some places like hospitals it is even forbidden to carry them. In addition, the type of fabric chosen also influences, since it is normal to choose fabrics such as cotton to avoid irritation to the skin. The downside is that this type of fabric absorbs moisture, creating the perfect conditions for growing viruses, being totally counterproductive.

It is best to use surgical masks approved. But if those sold in pharmacies are disposable, it seems that there are not many alternatives. However, there are, and much closer than you imagine. You do not have to buy masks from China on Amazon, when In Spain you have approved washable masks. Where? In Béjar Masks.

Surgical approved washable masks made in Spain

Such is our quality and effectiveness that we have appeared in various serious media. And it is that quality speaks for us. Our approved washable masks are manufactured in Béjar, Salamanca and have AITEX certificate, which refers to the Individual Protection Equipment Certification Body in accordance with the ISO / IEC 17065: 2012 and UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC standards.

Por eso we offer you approved washable masks surgical type IIR, which in addition to being reusable, can be washed, unlike commercial surgical masks from the drugstore. These are masks that have 3 layers. The outer layer is 25g polypropylene (Spunbond), the filter is made of 99g BFE 25 (Meltblown) and the third, inner layer, is 25g white polypropylene (Spunbond). The wire has a plastic cover, while the elastic is made of polyester and elastomer, 3 mm thick, which gives comfort and avoids discomfort from the use of the mask.

In addition to the high degree of protection they offer, they are the best approved reusable masks that are light, very comfortable and will not cause allergies or irritation, as would occur with other fabrics. They are Spanish approved masks, and our clients have valued them positively, thinking that their fit is very soft, of better quality than the Chinese ones. Unlike others you will breathe perfectly well with them, and your order arrives totally on time.

Although there are experts who advise against buying masks online, they do so because they are either exorbitant prices or because they have false certificates. But with Masks Béjar something like this will not happen. Our approved washable masks are certified and we test it. In addition to that we have appeared in various serious news media throughout Spain. And being a high demand sanitary product, we take it to your home with your online order.

Approved washable masks in different colors and customized

At Mascarillas Béjar we offer you different packages of approved washable masks according to your needs. Our masks can be used several times, even in a washing machine up to 5 washes and they will not lose an iota of functionality with it.

Being an article not only for protection, but for daily use, you will surely want to combine the approved reusable masks with your personal outfit, so we have different collections of washable masks with different colors, patterns and even of design. Look on our website for designer models such as Ana Locking, Devota & Lomba, Ion Fiz or Torreta, with beautiful, current prints, ideal for all occasions, created exclusively for Béjar Masks. And we go further, because if you search custom reusable masksAt Mascarillas Béjar we also make them with the logo of your company, brand, etc.. We are the only company that offers custom reusable sanitary masks. Contact now for any questions or write to