Masks made in Spain to save lives and the economy

In our previous article we talk about the irruption of COVID in our lives.

How the wave arose and how it advanced, unstoppable across the globe. And how Masks Béjar he understood the occasion, not only as an opportunity to reinvent himself, but also to be useful to the Society.


The importance of the use of the mask as a method to try to reduce the spread of the virus as much as possible has been essential. It helps us avoid the excretion of both respiratory and salivary drops from people who are infected. And this is valid both for those who are asymptomatic and for those who have not yet developed symptoms.

When it all started, masks were only intended for healthcare professionals. Then the people who were with symptoms or were known positive for COVID were incorporated. The recommendation of its use was also expanded for those people who belonged to a risk group. Later, once we knew more and better how the virus spread, it was decided that it would be optimal for the entire population to use it. General use, emphasizing places where the safety distance cannot be maintained.

The daily use of the mask has become our opportunity to help and protect ourselves from COVID.

Mascarillas Béjar - Consuming masks made in Spain helps the national economy

If you decide to buy in a mask company is Spain like ours your help will multiply. NOr you only help our company but that this industry stays in Spain and helps the country's economy. And we cannot deny that the health crisis has affected local economies as well as the global one.

By consuming masks made in Spain you will be promoting the National economy.

Surgical masks, FPP2 masksprotects earsinfant masks or our design masks such as Patterned masks.



When you buy masks abroad, you may not know if they correctly comply with Spanish and / or European regulations. Therefore, our advice is that whenever you can buy masks that are manufactured in Spain, both for your safety and to collaborate as we said before with the national economy.



It is in your hands to collaborate with it by buying masks made in Spain.