Benefits of surgical masks made in Spain

Advantages of buying Spanish surgical masks

The conditions that we currently live in, worldwide, have made surgical masks in a basic necessity item. This has led to the growth of an industry that, previously, was limited to the hospital and health field.

In Spain, regulations and protocols have been established that help us prevent the spread of COVID-19. The correct use of the appropriate surgical masks, as well as their proper disposal, allows us to avoid the appearance of future outbreaks.

You may not know it, but the greatest advantage that Spain has, in the face of this health contingency, is the local production of masks. Thanks to this, it is possible to cover the demand that has been presented recently. In addition, this allows to boost economic reactivation.

Why buy surgical masks made in Spain?

To cope with the pandemic, the daily use of surgical masks is necessary. The most important thing is to find an option that offers adequate protection. We are looking for a product that prevents contagion, regardless of its origin.

But why buy the masks that are manufactured in Spain? The answer is simple: when buying Spanish-produced products, you first have a quality guarantee. As if this were not enough, it offers you the certainty that they have not crossed any border: the journey to your home is shorter and more controlled.

Buying Spanish surgical masks is a guarantee of quality, compared to imported products.

By not having to cross customs, the masks produced in Spain have a more affordable cost. The supply is continuous, since transfer times are reduced. In addition, the manufacture is in the hands of a national company with the assurance that it offers you that it complies with the relevant regulations.

As you resume your daily activities, it is important that you exercise extreme caution. The best way to achieve this is by using adequate protection against the pandemic. It is important to choose the best option when adding the OR masks to the shopping cart.

Economic improvement by manufacturing surgical masks

The correct use of surgical masks allows you to reduce exposure to contagion. By using them properly you can help prevent further outbreaks, which could lead to another lockdown.

To dispose of used masks, we must be responsible to others and to the environment. This type of protection measures are to take care of those around us. 

One of the compelling reasons to acquire masks made in Spain lies in the impact on the economic rise. The suspension of activities has permeated the different industries, causing the lack of jobs.

Buying surgical masks manufactured in Spain helps to support the reactivation and growth of the national economy.

For their part, companies dedicated to the health or protection sector, such as this case, have found it necessary to grow their business. This implies the acquisition or rental of facilities and machinery to meet the current needs of the population.

With this, as you can imagine, the need arises to hire more staff, so that a new job offer is generated. By buying the masks and other essential products made in Spain, you are supporting local businesses to face the contingency.

One of the best ways to protect your family is by purchasing quality surgical masks. And what better way to guarantee sterility than buying Spanish manufactured products, such as Béjar Masks.

Jobs are offered to people in Spain

With the events that move the world during this 2020, the way of relating to us has changed. This has created a shortage of jobs and an enormous lack of opportunities. However, the need to use surgical masks opens up new horizons.

New job development in the surgical supplies manufacturing industry has exploded this year. This is due to the contingency caused by COVID-19 and has resulted in an opportunity to generate new sources of income in the country.

Masks Béjar is a proudly Spanish company committed to its work. The supply of jobs, in the face of this contingency, allows the recovery and reestablishment of Spanish households, through local work.

The joint objective is to stop the pandemic and this is achieved with a joint effort between citizens. By meeting the current needs of the population with the manufacture of masks, other opportunities for survival are provided.

Benefits of using surgical masks made in Spain

Families that have been affected by the health contingency now have a new opportunity to get ahead. This allows a monetary movement in favor of the Gross Domestic Product.

Salaries derived from the production of the operating room masks are paid in euros

With a wider job offer, workers receive salaries in euros. This means that the economy moves locally, without the need for intermediaries from other countries.  

In addition, possible customs fees and payments of other types of taxes are avoided.

We grow the economy 

The economy, both global and national, has suffered a lot due to the pandemic that is going through the world. Recovery and subsequent growth depend on a joint effort.

When we buy Spanish-made products, we are helping the national recovery. This allows to boost the recovery of a market that has been stagnant due to social confinement.

Growth is achieved through the support of existing businesses. Thus, new jobs are created where the stability of our citizens is guaranteed. The most important thing is social strengthening to cope with the situation.

Shipping logistics is less complex 

By purchasing surgical masks made in Spain, the health risks are lower. This means that there is no risk of external contamination, as it does not have to go through other countries in the world.

Spanish surgical masks are a much cheaper option. This is because import costs and possible customs fees are eliminated. This can offer a lower sale price, without reducing the quality of the final product. 

Shipments are faster and more secure. Handled carefully in our country, Béjar masks have a 53-gram TNT filter. This offers superior protection than other commercial masks.

Whether for business or home, our deliveries are simple and safe. Buying the Spanish surgical masks represents a reduction with intermediaries from other countries. This is also reflected in shorter delivery times.

If you are going to buy in Spain, ask for the surgical masks that we produce in Béjar

Most commercial surgical masks on the market have a 20 gram filter. The 53-gram TNT filter of the Béjar masks offers you maximum protection against coronavirus infections.

This means that the protection we offer is superior to that of other trademarks. As if this were not enough, the price of our product makes it extremely competitive in today's market.

The importance of quality in filters is due to the mechanics of COVID-19 contagion. The droplets that come from the nose and mouth are trapped in the mask. This prevents them from sticking to surfaces and fabrics, thus spreading the contagion.

When you use a mask properly, you greatly reduce the possibility of subsequent breakouts. Béjar masks have a useful life of between 6 and 8 hours, so it is important that you change them after this time.

Surgical masks from Spain are a benchmark of quality

The proper placement of surgical masks, as well as their proper disposal, they are the best way to avoid the chances of contracting this disease. Place the order with us and receive the masks that protect you safely. 

Our product offers a level of protection well above regular sanitary masks. As the name says, they are the masks that are used when performing surgeries, so they have a high degree of protection.

You can place the order comfortably at home, thanks to our home delivery service. By buying with us you can be sure that you are acquiring the best protection for this contingency.

As if this were not enough, it is a way of supporting the local economy. Do not hesitate, if you are thinking of buying your masks, place the order with us, at Béjar masks.


The world has faced an unprecedented health contingency. All this has changed the way we deal with each other from day to day. One of the most noticeable changes is the use of surgical masks.

The growing need for this product has generated a possibility of growth for companies in the health and personal protection industry. For this reason, the manufacture of masks has become a new way of promoting the reactivation of the economy.

By supporting local consumption, the Spanish economy can recover and grow. All this is achieved by attending to the needs of the population, promoting national labor and economic development.

Basically, one of the best ways to help is to make sure we buy products made in Spain. Béjar surgical masks have extensive protection, thanks to their 53-gram filter, unlike the commercial 20-gram filter. 

This gives our product a much broader protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Béjar surgical masks are the protection you are looking for for your company and for the home. 

We have a delivery service available in the different regions of the country. In addition, you will have the certainty that you are supporting jobs that will strengthen the local economy. Place your order now and get the Béjar masks.