FFP3 masks

When we talk about masks, you should know that there are many types and, most importantly, not all of them are recommended for use if we want them to have maximum effectiveness. Besides the surgical masks, those recommended by Health, and fabric masks, you will have seen masks in the shape of a cone or duckbill or even with a valve. They are the FFP3 masks, FFP2 or FFP1 depending on the variety. 

What are FFP3 masks

FFP3 masks stand for Filtering Face Piece, for its acronym in English. FFP3 masks are characterized by having a 98% minimum filtration efficiency with 2% leakage to the outside, compared to FFP1 that have 78% and FFP2 that have 92%. They would be the most effective FFP type masks. They are not only used against viruses and bacteria, but also to avoid different types of poisons and toxins present in the air, against dust, smoke or aerosols. 

FFP3 masks are primarily intended for those who work with toxics in the air, like painters. Its main function is this more than that of preventing covid. Therefore, although its effectiveness is 98%, the health authorities advise against its daily use in people who do not work with toxins.

The General Council of Official Medical Associations warned that FFP3, FFP2 and N95 masks are not recommended for the general population because they are unnecessaryinefficient and even counterproductive. They should be used exclusively by certain professionals in permanent contact with the virus and under medical prescription. 

When we talk about the fact that FFP3 masks can be counterproductive, we mean that they can make it difficult for people to breathe. The Ministry of Consumption advises against their use in the general population, remembering that they are only recommended for professionals.

FFP3_ 2 antivirus masks

So what masks do we use if we want maximum security?

If we are looking for masks with 98% efficiency, it is not necessary to buy FFP3 masks. Surgical masks are recommended from the Ministry of Health, Consumption and different health authorities and have the same effectiveness.

Furthermore, the surgical masks are much more affordable than FFP3 masks and are considered the most useful in the management of population infections. Likewise, they are much more comfortable and do not cause problems when breathing. FFP3 masks are sometimes very uncomfortable and people feel choked by their tightness. This does not happen with surgical masks, which allow you to breathe perfectly even when we do sports without losing their effectiveness.

However, many people reject surgical masks and opt for cloth masks as they are more aesthetic and beautiful and can even be customized. The surgical ones look like hospital masks in colors only blue or white, and they are also single-use compared to cloth masks. The first thing you should know, if you doubt between cloth or surgical masks, it is because cloth masks are not approved And it is also beginning to be banned in certain spaces such as hospitals where only surgical masks can be used. So what can I do if I want to aesthetic masks and that they are also like surgical ones? Don't worry, at Mascarillas Béjar we have the solution.

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