Mascarillas Béjar colored FFP2 masks

As you may already know, Mascarillas Béjar is a Spanish company

We are in the town of Béjar. We were born at the beginning of the crisis of the global pandemic that we still live and suffer from.

Since then we have cared to offer The best quality possible for our clients, to give work in Spain and to be able to contribute as much as possible.

All this we have and why we have fought for bring you the best possible product and for what we have been slow to bring them.

You had asked us colored FFP2 masks and if we delay, it was working to get the necessary certifications to be able to put them up for sale.


They are already here!

You can now get colored FFP2 masks.

Pink FFP2 masks

Masks FFP2 colors of Mascarillas Béjar - Pink masks

The most striking masks we have, you can stand out while being protected. This mask is ideal for him and for her. What are you waiting for to buy it and break gender roles? Don't let anyone tell you what to wear and be free to try new colors.

FFP2 masks navy blue

Masks FFP2 colors of Mascarillas Béjar - Blue masks

These navy blue masks are the most serious we have developed. Ideal for working and attending events. Remember that it is only advisable to go to these events if they meet the health regulations imposed for COVID. And remember that we will have to stop this virus together. This mask is ideal to combine with more discreet colors, such as grays, browns and even navy blue itself.

Black FFP2 masks

Masks FFP2 of colors of Mascarillas Béjar - Black masks

These black masks are ideal for me that I am writing this, I was tired of the masks breaking my outfit. At last I can complement the mask with my style. It is a peace of mind to be able to go out with approved masks made in Spain and also have a “good vibes”. It is as if the stars have aligned!

White FFP2 masks

These are the masks that we have been selling the longest. They are the best known and the ones that can be seen the most on a daily basis. These masks are so standardized that it seems that we have forgotten how to combine the target, although it is also understandable that after using them so much, some people come to hate them. However, this mask has a lot of potential to combine with cooler garments now that spring has arrived. Now that we have a variety of colors, you can choose the ideal mask for each outfit.

Honestly, it has been a joy to be able to sell approved colored masks. We are looking forward to seeing how you put them together and how you are the most stylish and safe at the same time. Feel free to send us your outfits and inspire us to make this pandemic more bearable.

Individually packed: to ensure that the product is free from any type of manipulation in its packaging process that may undermine its effectiveness and protection.

The FFP2 mask sizes are designed for use.

Available in packs of 50 units, 100 units and 200 units.

This product is not personal protective equipment or medical device.

Not Reusable.

Our masks comply with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and therefore have CE marking, they also have a filtration of more than 95%, you can find it already in our store and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info @ mascarillasbejar .com