Masks at family gatherings

According to information from the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), of the cases related to COVID-19, about 16% are the result of family or friends meetings.

Part of this type of outbreak can start in a family or company and from there the contagion spreads to other environments. Even in those who go out to have fun, there is the latent risk of contagion when being in a closed place and with many people or where masks are not used. Given all this, the question arises, should I wear masks at family gatherings?

Why wear masks at family gatherings and all kinds of gatherings

The use of mask In Spain it is mandatory, focusing on closed environments, open spaces where it is not possible to keep the safety distance and even a mask must be used in private vehicles -if you go with other people who do not live with you- and in public transport. However, these measures are relaxed when it comes to family settings. There is a false sense of security that in an environment with family or friends nothing will happen and therefore masks are not necessary at family gatherings.

But as has been seen, the Covid contagion does not distinguish between family ties or friendship, neither in the appearance of the person or other issues. In many cases, those infected with coronavirus are asymptomatic or healthy, but in reality they can be carriers of the virus.

Therefore, it is easy to catch it when you go to a family reunion, a birthday, or when you host a relative who comes from another area. Being family, it may seem uncomfortable to ask to wear masks at family gatherings, but it is for everyone's safety.

The health authorities require the use of masks in family gatherings or with friends if the distance cannot be maintained, and emphasize that adults must be responsible for themselves and also for those who are under their care. That is, from minors to older adults or people with some type of disability. Awareness campaigns are also being promoted especially among young people, who are more likely to meet.

Due to the new outbreaks since the de-escalation phases ended, in addition to disposable masks at family gatherings there are also measures that affect the hospitality and nightlife businesses. The new normal has been reversed, for example limiting the groups of diners in bars and restaurants to only 6 people, as well as the closure of pubs and nightclubs - this depends on the autonomous communities.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus if there is a family reunion

The health authorities indicate that the responsibility is individual when it comes to private meetings, whether in closed spaces (inside the home) or outdoors (on terraces or gardens). To do this, you must comply with the regulations and follow up on basic advice so that those who are called non-cohabiting people - who do not live together - start a chain of infections.

Among the measures is the minimum safety distance of 2 meters, as well as frequent hand washing, and physical protection such as the use of masks in family gatherings.

If this is your case and you are going to have a family reunion at home, no one will supervise it, but it is important to comply with these measures so as not to harm the health and safety of your friends or family. And, in short, avoid getting infected or someone vulnerable in your family (perhaps the one who least expects it) to get sick.

In addition to the aforementioned measures, ventilate the rooms and if possible keep the windows open with the space ventilated, clean with soap and water and disinfect the surfaces that will be most touched with suitable products. 

Ask your guests to wash their hands well with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel and leave their unnecessary items near the door. Have disposable wipes or hydroalcoholic solution on hand to clean objects that others touch (mobile phones, for example) and of course, wear masks at family gatherings all the time (just take them off to eat or drink). For masks we offer you a good solution.

Masks for family gatheringsBéjar masks for your family gatherings

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