Multi-use masks

The mask has become a great ally to combat Covid, especially while the long-awaited vaccine arrives. Self-protection and that of others who provide, for example, the surgical masks make its use necessary, to the point that it has become mandatory in countries like Spain. However, using the surgical mask has also become a matter of controversy, both because of its disposable nature - most of them are single use - and because of its effectiveness. Is it possible to find multi-use masks that are effective and approved?

Why the surgical mask is better than multi-use cloth masks

Today there are countless tutorials on how to make your own fabric mask at home. It is an initiative that many people did, especially when there were not enough masks, and because unlike the mask that you buy at the pharmacy, it is possible to use it several times. However, is it really convenient for you to make your own fabric mask or buy it in a store?

Not at all. The cloth mask is not approved and is not recommended by the health authorities because it is less effective against Covid than the surgical mask. Most of them do not have a filter and do not protect enough. The homemade cloth mask was a solution at first when there was a shortage of surgical masks, but now it is better to opt for the surgical one.

In addition, cotton and fabric, although it is a natural fiber with a very pleasant texture, the truth is that it absorbs a lot of moisture. So if you make a cotton mask, it will actually backfire as the air has moisture in it, and as it is inhaled and passed through the lungs and then out, it contains even more moisture. It is not surprising that in a few hours the fabric mask is wet, letting other harmful elements pass and, worse still, that it serves as a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. This is another very important and definitive advantage for wearing a surgical mask.

Faced with the above, surgical masks are made of synthetic fibers, avoid condensation and humidity. Having a surface that prevents droplets or tiny drops from coughs, sneezes or even splashes when talking about others from reaching your mouth or nose is essential. The same in your case, where your droplets could infect others.  

Moreover, There is the advantage that it is light and allows you to breathe much better than other types of masks such as FFP2 and FFP3 (those of duckbill) that Health only recommends for health professionals and certain jobs. However, about surgical masks you will surely think of the 'but': that these types of masks are usually disposable and are used only once. In the midst of this "new normal", a year you will have spent many of them, generating not only an environmental problem but also an economic expense, so what to do about it?

Reusable surgical multi-purpose masks

Whether you live with someone else, have children or are someone in charge of a company, the truth is that you will need surgical masks, and a large number of them. You should not only buy a box of masks at the nearest pharmacy, especially since you should change it every 6 or 8 hours or when it is wet or dirty.

The solution is the masks for various surgical uses that we have at Mascarillas Béjar. That is, they can be used and washed several times, even in the washing machine, with up to 5 washes. At Mascarillas Béjar we are leaders in producing masks for various surgical uses either for personal use or for businesses and companies. You do not have to go anywhere to place your order, but you order your surgical masks completely online and we send them to where you are.

One of the reasons many people opt for cloth masks, rather than surgical ones, is that surgical masks are not aesthetic while cloth masks have colors, patterns and can even be personalized. At Mascarillas Béjar we solve this problem with our Surgical multi-purpose masks in different colors and patterns created by designers like Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz. You will avoid wearing the classic white or blue mask and you can even wear one of our mask models as an accessory.

You too we offer custom surgical masks, printed with the name or logo of your company, restaurant, business, sports club, school, if it is for students, teachers and other staff who work. We are the only company in Spain that offers than custom surgical multi-purpose masks.

Currently in some places such as hospitals they are prohibiting certain types of personalized masks such as cloth, especially because of the type of material from which they are made. But in our case it will not be like that since they are surgical masks, which also come personalized, as you indicate. Check the prices on the Béjar Masks website, where you can take advantage of the offer to buy a pack of 24 surgical brand masks, with 12 designs, at an incredible price. Visit our website for more information or send an email to