Cloth masks

Since the beginning of the health pandemic, the best way to avoid the spread of COVID-19 has been sought. As with other similar diseases, it is best to avoid being in contact with other people and staying at home, but when this is not possible, other methods such as barrier should be used, this is where the problems come in. cloth face masks, surgical masks y FFP2 masks and FFP3.

Although there has been controversy worldwide regarding the use of masks, according to the World Health Organization they remain a valuable tool to curb or at least reduce the contagion. Furthermore, in Spain its use is mandatory for public activities. There are various types of masks, from homemade ones made of cloth, through surgical ones and others more specialized such as FFPs. However, are cloth masks reliable over surgical ones?

Cloth masks or surgical masks?

Fabric masks are an option that many people use as they are reusable and more aesthetic than surgical ones. They can even be made at home or customized with a sewing machine or needle and thread. There are numerous models for sale and whoever prefers can customize their own mask. However, cloth masks are not approved, do not guarantee maximum effectiveness against the virus and are even prohibited in certain places like hospitals. Why does this happen?

Regarding fabric masks, they present an important problem: the type of fabric and that the vast majority do not have a filter. If you use a fabric mask, regardless of the fabric or whether it has a filter or is approved, the efficiency of letting liquids or aerosols pass through will be significantly reduced.

Liquids would be saliva droplets or even droplets (tiny drops) that people emit when they speak, cough or exhale, while aerosols are suspended particles that can remain for a long time. One of the main disadvantages of cotton masks, for example, is that it is a material that is characterized by absorbing moisture, which makes it counterproductive against the virus. In addition, as we have said, fabric masks are not approved and lThe health authorities advise against it because it is less effective than the surgical mask.

Advantages of surgical masks over fabric masks

Surgical masks are considered as a "medical device" or PS, which have several functions. One of the main ones is to avoid the transmission of infectious agents by their carrier. They are designed from the inside out to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria from the mouth, nose or throat, which is why they are always used by healthcare personnel in an operating room. They also protect those who use them from splashes of contaminated liquids, whether from the environment, a container or an emitter.

But in addition, surgical masks have the important function of protecting those who wear them and others, since this reduces the risk of spreading infections, especially in pandemic situations like the one we are experiencing.

One of the things that have been criticized the most about surgical masks compared to cloth masks is that they are single-use and must be discarded at the end of the day or even 6 hours after wearing them. On the other hand, there is the environmental issue of using so many masks and the convenience of not buying disposable masks all the time.

These problems are corrected with reusable surgical masks like the ones we offer you in Béjar Masks that allow up to five washes. In addition, so that you do not have to spend all the time buying surgical masks, we have ofertas of family packs of 200 masks Send us directly to your house or wherever you tell us.

It is very important that you remember that before leaving home you must put on your mask correctly, without leaving free spaces that are sources of infection. Do not touch it, much less place it below your nose or your chin, as it would totally lose its effectiveness. Do not forget, we are all potentially asymptomatic positives, so it is preferable to be cautious when going outside or being in closed spaces with more people.

Where to buy effective masks against the coronavirus

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