The great Spanish designers with Béjar Masks

Masks have become commodity by dint of being mandatory. Once mandatory, and always with the aim of taking care of each other's health, we must give them an original touch that brightens our eyes now that we live an anomalous normality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hence the commitment of Mascarillas Béjar for the safety and quality of the Spanish product

It is our way of contributing to the fight against the virus.

The recipe for health and safety is very simple = investment + innovation. The sum of both yields la most technologically advanced mask of the moment, the NAN300.

The NAN300 mask is high filtration surgical mask. To top it off we have incorporated a design plus. And for that, for that "design", we have been able to count on Spanish designers who have opted for Béjar Masks.

We put at your disposal Surgical masks of exclusive design from large international firms as Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba, Ion Fiz o Ana Locking.

Each of these firms, of recognized national and international prestige, has created three exclusive designs for Béjar Masks. You have the opportunity to acquire the pack of 24 brand surgical masks with the 12 designs at an incredible price on offer. 

Design and protection

Beyond the necessary interpersonal distance, reducing physical contact or capacity limitations, the mask is undoubtedly being the most important element that we have had to get used to in our daily work. As well as carrying the house keys or the wallet, an essential accessory.

The mask, therefore, is key to ending the spread of the Coronavirus

We have to keep in mind that they comply with all the regulations required so that they are safe and protect us


If to this, we add the possibility of having the design of four great Spanish fashion designers, we are facing a product that is not only mandatory, but also that we can combine with our day to day and thus be able to reflect a little more our personality in these moments of pandemic.

In addition, this exclusive line of designer masks helps the environment and your pocket, since you do not have to throw them away after just one use, you can wash them up to 5 times and reuse them. 

What if you search custom masks for my company?

We also have them. You can customize your surgical masks so that all employees wear the corporate distinction. Personalized masks are also a perfect complement if you are going to do events, if you are from a sports club, etc., to show off your shield or brand. Contact now with Béjar Masks on our website or in the