Masks with or without valve

Individual protection against Covid with elements such as masks translates into collective protection. It is not only about protecting yourself, but about protecting others both by setting an example and using the appropriate means to do so, from having strict sanitary care, washing your hands frequently or using hydroalcoholic gel, to the use of elements of protection like surgical masks, cloth masks or masks with or without a valve.

What types of masks are there today and which one is best for me to use?

In order to achieve this collective awareness of prevention and care against COVID-19, various proposals and personal protection measures have emerged. From avoiding touching surfaces that could be contaminated to the use of sanitary masks of all kinds. There are surgical masks, cloth masks, even masks with or without a valve like the N95, FPP2 or FPP3.

In the case of cloth masks, they are not as effectiveIn fact, they allow the particles to pass, and if they are made of cotton, they are counterproductive. Many people wear fabric masks because they are more aesthetic and can be customized or made at home, but They do not have a filter or are approved, so it is better to avoid them.

With respect toSurgical masks are very effective, 98%, inexpensive and are those recommended by health authorities.

Masks with valve or without FFP and N95 (are equivalent) also ensure high efficiency against the coronavirus. In fact they are used by healthcare personnel but are they really masks that should be available to everyone? Health authorities say that surgical masks are better for the general population and that masks with or without FFP2 and FFP3 are reserved for health personnel or certain jobs.

Are masks with a valve in the center or on one side effective?

Specialists indicate that wearing a mask allows to repel most of the droplets of saliva or contaminated fluids, avoiding contagion and having much lower risks than if we did not wear any protection on our face.

One of the biggest criticisms of valve masks is that they protect the wearer, but not others. This is due to the fact that they have the ability to filter the particles from the outside air when inhaling, with the disadvantage that it allows the particles to escape through the valve when exhaling. This, in the case of a patient infected with Covid, continues to infect other people around him by expelling droplets with the virus.

You may think when reading the above that what sense would it make for someone to use a mask with a valve like the N95, FPP2, FPP3 models if they are already sick. The big problem is the asymptomatic people, with mild symptoms or who have just been infected and do not know it. If they wear a respiratory protection like the ones mentioned above, it does not matter and protect themselves but they have the potential to infect all those who cross their path.

Even the Ministry of Health has branded these valve masks as "selfish", because they only protect the wearer. And the real use of face masks is that there is a reciprocity: I protect myself while I protect others. In addition, you should know that although the use of masks in Spain is mandatory on the street, valve masks are prohibited in certain places. Even in other countries and some airlines it is not allowed to use it in closed spaces.

Surely you wonder if valve face shields have the previous great drawback, why are they still used or what is the purpose of their creation. And the answer is simple: mouth covers with a valve that fit well to the face, should actually be used by healthcare professionals or certain people who work in environments with dust, toxic, etc.

This is, so that they use them in contaminated environments or so that when they are in contact with infected people they do not become infected. For the rest of the people they do not offer any additional benefit and can even be counterproductive.

Masks with or without filter

Should I use a mask with or without a valve?

The most recommended for the general public is the surgical mask without valve. Surgical masks, which are simpler in appearance, are preferable. This is due to the fact that they are made of synthetic materials and a closed fabric that prevents the passage of droplets and also moisture, in addition to having a filter and being approved.

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