Chinese VS Spanish masks

As we all know, the Asian giant is one of the largest manufacturers of all kinds of products worldwide. It is not surprising that during this prolonged health pandemic the surgical masks have become another of the products that they also manufacture. According to a well-known Spanish newspaper, China produces more than 150 million masks a day, an exorbitant amount, but that can come to question whether all this enormous production is reliable or defective.

Chinese VS Spanish masks: beware of misleading Chinese producers

The mask has become, along with other basic sanitary measures such as frequent hand washing, one of the main defense measures against the coronavirus worldwide. This has given rise to what some call "a fever of the mask in China", which means that companies that want to make this product reach the final consumer in Spain are mixed with producers of Chinese masks who only want to take advantage and they are not to be trusted.

There are people and companies really interested in offering quality products to reach Spanish consumers. However, it is difficult to distinguish reliable producers from those that are not, mainly because fake certificates are the bread and butter. Those who take advantage of the circumstances not only ask for money in advance, but they delay the request, taking days and days. And this happens because it is an intermediary who in turn requests another and this one another.

Masks from China do they work?

That depends on the provider, but given the high and ruthless competition that exists, it can be said that many take advantage of the situation to introduce very low quality material. It must be borne in mind that when products are imported, especially in the quantity and speed required of masks for sanitary use, it is not uncommon for people to skip agreements or falsify data. And that is not to mention the high costs and all the intermediaries involved in the operation.

Before the pandemic, China manufactured about 20 million masks a day, which as a result of the current situation has increased its production 8 times, because now it exports them. With all this in mind, it is difficult to define which Chinese masks have really passed the filters and regulations and which have not. And given this scenario, is it really convenient to buy imported Chinese masks online?

Why buy Spanish masks

Circumstances can make us, on impulse and driven by necessity, buy imported Chinese masks. However, it is essential to look towards the Spanish mask market. Yes, in our country Spanish masks are also manufactured under very high quality standards. In Mascarillas Béjar, for example, you can buy surgical masks wholesale that offer various advantages, such as having a triple layer and filtering 99,7% from germs and dust.

And in addition to the above, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to reactivate the national economy that has been so affected by the pandemic. AND By buying masks from a Spanish company such as Mascarillas Béjar, you not only help the economy of Spain, but also protect you and yours, family or colleagues, when using a basic medical device that meets the highest quality standards and is fully approved.

Mascarillas Béjar: reusable and customizable Spanish surgical masks

Today it is very important to protect ourselves and others by using a surgical mask both outdoors and in closed spaces where we cannot keep our distances. In fact, it is mandatory in Spain to wear a mask when on the street or with other people. Therefore At Mascarillas Béjar we offer you the surgical mask IIR, packs of family masks 100 or 200 units and also children's masks.

And not only that, but also we have reusable surgical masks. That is, they can be used not once, not twice, but several times and can be washed up to 5 times, even in the washing machine. Instead of offering you the typical white or blue mask, we have a variety of current models, colors and patterns to match your daily look. Masks Béjar has a exclusive collection of surgical masks reusable that have been created by renowned designers such as Devota & Lomba, Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta and Ion Fiz.

You already know, if you need surgical masks for your family, club or business, we have them available in special packs and at a great price. And if you need masks for wholesale companies, We can personalize them with the logo or name of your company or business and we take them to where you are by courier. We are the only company in Spain that does custom reusable surgical masks. Check our prices and offers directly on our website and see why Béjar Masks are not only 100% Spanish, but also of high quality and at a very good price. Contact for any questions or write to