Masks Béjar, a miracle back to production to save the economy

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Fibras Textiles Sanchez SL, after 25 years of tradition, has created a new productive force manufacturing one million surgical masks a week in Béjar, one of the historic Spanish textile enclaves.

The Spanish textile industry has seen the vast majority of its production relocate outside gradually since the beginning of 2000. The strength of the distribution chains of Spanish textile products, with great design and very low costs, together with the famous Chinese "dumping" As a result of the disappearance of import duties and taxes from Asia, they caused our industries to cease to exist, up to 80 percent less from 2009.

The jobs, the small cities that sustained their lives with them in the textile belts of Badalona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Alcoy, Elda or Béjar, among others, were diluted in the oblivion of a roller that swept everything along with the growth of huge chains of product.

Not only in fashion, but also in decor, where large distributors spent their time offering design at "crazy" prices thanks to manufacturing in China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines…. Or even in Morocco, Algeria and Egypt. With it the dependent economy in areas where wealth in employment figures were very good; It then changed to disaster and the subsequent abandonment of factories, workshops, auxiliary industries ... and with it the wealth of its area and its inhabitants. In Béjar Young people have been leaving for years, it is an exodus that flees to Salamanca, Madrid, Valladolid or outside their area of ​​Castilla to seek another more profitable personal and work project in the rest of the country or even European cities.

The employment collapse figures are a scandal in areas where a productive and industrial business flight It has not been replaced by another, but only and absolutely closed without help of almost any kind; Moreover, with the almost unfair competition that certain Chinese massive textile products represent, which come from garbage jobs, with zero social responsibility, with exploitation in abusive salaries and hours and protected from the government itself. With this, production has continued to lose up to 80 percent and even 85 percent in various sectors, favoring its location outside of Spain and Europe.

The crisis of coronavirus It has been the last link that was missing in this chain of nonsense in which successive governments of Spain have been unprotecting Spanish industry in general and traditional manufacturing and industries in particular, our country being the faithful reflection of a lack of criteria on the difficult balance between respecting the demand capacity of the domestic market for highly accessible products and not destroying, in return, more productive fabric that generates and generated thousands of necessary, essential and responsible jobs.

Three generations of textiles

In this position, the Alberto Sánchez's family With his company of three generations of rest textiles (pillows and relaxation fibers) and after identifying that the need for surgical masks, manufactured with a feasible investment in the Béjar factory, he decided to undertake this project that today is an example of a new industry relocated Spanish in the worst moments of our panorama in general: Bejar Masks.

Mascarillas Bejar has been able to save the six permanent jobs that the pillow manufacturer had in Béjar and has created, on the contrary, 24 more jobs, avoiding an ERTE and possibly a contest and, nevertheless, facilitating a new way of life for an entire current generation of entrepreneurs in the area. And all of it below the prices assessed by the Government per unit of maskPrices already sufficiently adjusted in the current situation of costs in State of Alarm throughout the planet.

Why surgical masks? That is perhaps the question that everyone asks when they observe the Bejar Masks phenomenon. The reality is that surgical masks they are, without a doubt, a success; And that with the difficulties that investment in machinery has entailed (machines that, unfortunately, are not yet made in Spain), their calibration, the creation of the new manufacturing train, the training of personnel, the web shop online, the creation of the brand, the organization of the entire company and now a one hundred percent "pure breed" Spanish sales and marketing phenomenon.

In addition, as good entrepreneurs, the creators of Mascarillas Bejar, identified more than two months ago that Spain, as it had already happened since the beginning of January in Asia, was going to need surgical masks as a true and essential revolution of daily use for social relations; something almost mandatory until a vaccine was found, therefore, it was a product of ours more necessary than ever and that came to stay for a long time as a regular part of our lives.

Consumption of own product versus massive import

One hundred percent Spanish product and a guarantee of quality and trade, something that has happened in Fibras Textiles Sánchez SL for several generations. A new way of consuming our own, prestigious and demanded product, in the face of massive importation, increasingly in conflict with consumer doubt.  

To this day, Mascarillas Bejar has also managed to be a viral phenomenon and to carry out a unique and spectacular sales campaign in these times of doubt and difficult acceptance in the mentality of the Spanish, who are more skeptical than ever, even with what is elaborated here.

Béjar has turned to the company that is giving a change of image to a Salamanca town, whose textile history It turns out to be fundamental and is in its Museum, being an example of tradition, which, in the strategy of this moment, is being a reference throughout the country.

The intention of Mascarillas Bejar is to continue betting on it and to continue growing and consolidating industry and employment in Béjar. And at the same time to be able to demonstrate that Spain continues to be a great industrial engine whose wickers must be woven from the economic responsibility and the new economy. Because what is true is that the new era of entrepreneurs who are relocating to the country (and thereby recovering lifelong manufactures) is characterized by a responsible economy, where the product is manufactured with socially calibrated margins, in the country that we all hope to build with respect and honesty, values ​​that should never have been lost.

The future of Mascarillas Bejar is to continue growing, improving, investing in more productive force, more and better methods in manufacturing technology, until it becomes the national benchmark for a family business that manages to "turn the tables" and make their country an example of a sustainable economy and generator of indigenous wealth. Something that today, more than ever, is vital and basic in the present and the future of Spain and Europe.

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