Amazon masks are they reliable?

Given the current situation in Spain with a second wave of infections, it is increasingly common to buy masks online. This boom arises from the comfort and ease of receiving your order from surgical masks to the door of your house, especially if you buy packs of surgical masks that you can find on sale in online stores. However, an important question may arise where to buy reliable masks, in Amazon masks or on another website?

Doubts about buying Amazon masks

As you well know, in Spain it is mandatory to wear a mask when going out or being in closed spaces with other people such as shops, auditoriums, etc. Given this new wave of infections, it is vital to protect ourselves and others at the same time. On the part of the autonomous communities, for example, there are already decrees for those over six years of age to use them even if there is a safety distance in between.

As surgical masks are the most widely used and are also disposable, it is not surprising that this high demand has caused people to buy them a lot. That is why the most comfortable option arises to buy them online like Amazon masks. However, it may have some disadvantages, such as the high prices of the masks and the delivery times, as well as the doubt whether it will be a reliable producte.

Types of mask for sale online

There are basically three types of mask found in Amazon masks and online stores. Surgical masks, with a barrier effect and that prevent contagion to others. They are relatively easy to acquire and guarantee that, when used correctly and in a generalized way, the contagion is slowed down by being 99% effective.

On the other hand, masks with FFP3 protection are sold online, FFP2 And FFP1. The first type filters virus particles by 99%, the second by 92% and the third by 78%. However, there are two things to keep in mind: on the one hand, that they are only indicated for healthcare personnel, and on the other, that although they have a high degree of filtration, they do not prevent it from happening in the opposite direction, so it is also He has called them "selfish masks", especially when they have a valve.

The third type of Amazon masks that are sold online are fabric masks. These masks are bought more for aesthetics, since they are more beautiful and allow you to combine with clothing. However, the vast majority of fabric masks that you find do not have a filter and are not approved, so the health authorities advise against them and even prohibit wearing them in spaces such as hospitals.

Where to buy reliable surgical masks online

A large number of places to sell surgical masks have emerged online because they are the most used and recommended for the general public, such as Amazon masks. They filter the air that is exhaled, containing particles and microorganisms that can be transmitted through breathing, coughing, sneezing, etc. Amazon is a place where they offer this type of mask, however, it lends itself to the fact that due to the high supply and demand there is a high level of unreliable sellers or that prices increase.

But that's not all, since it is very likely that you will not want to buy a pack of only 20 disposable surgical masks that will last you for a short time. And given the demand they have today, Amazon masks may be slow to arrive, or they do not have masks for children or do not meet the standards. What to do then?

The best thing is to go to an online store specialized in masks such as Mascarillas Béjar. We manufacture and we are in Spain and we ship to the entire peninsula and the Balearic Islands. If you are in the peninsula, we will send you your order for surgical masks, such as our family pack of 200 surgical masks. Our masks are characterized by several advantages, to start with you order your masks online and we deliver them to you at home, like our single pack of masks in which we send you two boxes of 50 units each.

Our single pack is perfect for households of 1 to 3 people, and the family pack for medium and large families of 4 to 6 people. Our masks are characterized by having a triple layer, offering a filtration of 99,7% of germs and dust, greatly reducing the risk of transmission and contagion.

And that's not all, because we also have reusable surgical masks that are washable: withstands several washes, up to 5, and can be machine washed. We also offer you reusable surgical masks cwith very current, modern and beautiful designs, to combine with different outfits. We have an exclusive line of masks designed by Ana Locking, Roberto Torretta, Devota & Lomba and Ion Fiz for Béjar Masks.  

And if you want personalized masks with the logo of your company, sports club, etc? Mascarillas Béjar is the only company in Spain that offers you custom reusable surgical masks. This way you won't have to buy custom cloth masks that are less effective.

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