The masks are also manufactured in Béjar

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Mascarillas Béjar has converted its textile factory to supply the population and boost national industry.

The crisis of coronavirus it has had multiple effects in those countries that have suffered the impact of the pandemic. In the case of Spain, with more than 233.000 confirmed cases and more than 27.000 deaths, the Government has extended the mandatory use of masks for those over six years of age, both in closed public spaces and on the street, in the event that the recommended two-meter safety distance is not guaranteed.

The use of the mask as a protection measure has been key in the management of the crisis, however, it has not been without controversy. From the shortage from the beginning of March to defective batches imported from abroad, in a market struggle between the different states that sought to get hold of this protective material, usually manufactured in China.

However, it is not necessary to go to the international market in search of masks when the own industry national It has been mobilized to supply the population. It is the case of Masks Béjar, a brand that has emerged from Fibras Textiles Sánchez SL, a small family business with more than 30 years of experience located in Béjar, a textile center in the province of Salamanca.

In its history, the company has been dedicated to the manufacture of textile products for rest and now, with the coronavirus pandemic, it has reconverted towards the manufacture of high filtration surgical masks. A strong boost to the national industry, in order to supply a product that will be essential in the new normal.

In fact, Mascarillas Béjar managed to anticipate the arrival of the coronavirus in Spain after seeing what was happening in the initially affected countries such as China and Italy. Thus, at the end of February they made the decision to readjust to this situation mid march they were already beginning to make masks.

They currently manufacture 140.000 masks daily

Alberto Sanchez, director of Mascarillas Béjar, explains that they currently have a manufacturing machine of masks, imported from Taiwan, with which they manufacture 140.000 masks a day in two work shifts. The goal is to have a total of six machines by mid-June, which would mean reaching a final production of 1 million masks per day, according to company figures.

This will also be reflected in the creation of employment, with 60 new jobs expected at the end of June for a town like Béjar, with 12.700 inhabitants. An initiative with which to promote job creation at a time when other sectors are going through their worst moments.

Mascarillas Béjar began to work with the six usual workers of the company, a number that has increased to the current 25 and is expected to reach the hundred of employees at the end of June, with special importance for the inhabitants of the town. According to company sources, this reconversion has prevented layoffs, as well as now promoting local employment.

At the moment, Mascarillas Béjar only supplies nationally but they already plan to expand their business to international In the month of June. With this initiative, Spain could become one of the main suppliers of masks in a market in which demand from the affected countries has exceeded supply. In addition, the company plans to become "the first powerhouse to manufacture surgical masks in Europe."

The President of the Government himself, Pedro Sánchez, has recently claimed in Congress "the ability to self-sufficiency and own industry"To avoid" speculation ", as has already happened in the case of protection products against the coronavirus, precisely gloves and masks.

Three different packs

The masks have triple-layer protection and a TNT filter that allows a 95% filtration of germs and dust and the model is certified by the UNE-EN14683: 2019 + AC standard and the Textile Technology Institute (Aitex).

The company itself recalls that surgical masks They are the most suitable for the population, with the aim of fighting the coronavirus. Thus, remember that it is important to maintain social distance and change the mask every 6-8 hours. "Surgical masks turn out to be the best option as they are effective and cheaper than the rest of the alternatives," they say in their Web page.

The company has put up for sale three different packs on their website: the single pack with 100 masks, for a price of 76 euros; the family pack of 200 units, for 144 euros, and finally the professional pack, with 2.000 masks, for a price of 1.360 euros. In this way, the purchase of masks is done quickly and safely, without having to move from home thanks to home delivery.

Masks Béjar

Such has been his tree during the health crisis that personalities and celebrities They have confessed to using the product. This is the case of Andrea Duro, Itziar Castro, Asier Etxeandía or Ana Milan, who in their popular Instagram direct reports recommended to their followers the masks made in Béjar.

Béjar Masks on Instagram

In addition, the company has also made donations to NGOs and special initiatives to alleviate the effects of the crisis, both health and economic, for the most vulnerable.

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