A study confirms the effectiveness of masks

This study confirms what many of us knew all along ...

Masks are the most effective method to stop the transmission of any virus in our day to day

We were aware of it.

You only had to look at the Health professionals who have used it for years. In fact, it is the tool most used by workers in the Health sector to prevent infections. In this way, and with this simple tool, they can treat patients with diseases of any kind without exposing their own health.

Still, many people have questioned the effectiveness of the masks. To emerge, even a branch of deniers and dupes has emerged who have decided to ignore the professionals and their warnings.

This motivated the decision to carry out a study that shed light and removed us from doubts. A study whose initiative arose in the United States, in order to confirm, or not, its effectiveness. Considering what has been seen, and given that the result affirms its effectiveness ...

This reinforces the importance of daily use of masks to prevent COVID-19

A study confirms the efficacy of masks - Mascarillas Béjar - Surgical masks

Delving into the matter, the use of the mask is preventive: they serve to protect us from contagion. But if we add a series of hygienic habits to its daily use, we will strengthen the defense to try to avoid infections.

We know that they have already been communicated and listed, but it never hurts to remind you of those guidelines. The use of the mask helps, a lot, but following these hygienic tips we will reinforce its usefulness:

  • Hand hygiene
    • Bring hydroalcoholic gel to be able to clean our hands on the street, in a shop, at school or at the office
    • Wash our hands when we get home, with soap and water
  • Wash the things we buy: it is useful to spray a little alcohol reduced with water, with the same spray that we use to cool off in the pool, but with a ratio of 3/5 of alcohol and 2/5 of water
  • Keep your distance and don't get carried away by either euphoria or confidence

 These simple gestures will help us all to prevent infections.