If I have lost antibodies, can I get infected again?

It is true that the best way to know if someone has overcome the Coronavirus is the detection of antibodies. But now we know that people who were infected in the past can lose those same antibodies.

The company seroprevalencia de Sanidad carried out a study in this regard in which it was shown that 14% of the people who had overcome the disease lost these antibodies over time.

BEJAR MASKS - MASKS MADE IN SPAIN - I can be re-infected by COVID

Immunologists warn that people who have already had the disease, can become infected again and be carriers of the virus, even if they do not develop the disease.

In this study it was shown that in the first round of results, 7,1% of the people who had tested positive for antibodies at the beginning of the study, tested negative. Number that rose to 14% in the third round. These data did nothing more than corroborate the results of other recent studies, such as those carried out in China, which already warned of this significant drop in antibodies.

If I have lost antibodies, can I get infected again?

This is the big question that intrigues us all. If yourself or someone close to you who has passed the Coronavirus. Could we pass it again? Well, unfortunately, immunologists confirm that it is. Same as those that still have antibodies. "They are not necessarily going to be infected more than those who continue to have it" states Marcos López Hoyos, president of the Spanish Society of Immunology.

The antibody that is mainly searched for is IgC, which you can find with a serological antibody test. Experts say that these only have a life of three weeks. This implies that if you test positive with one of these tests that you either have the virus or have passed it in the last three weeks.

BEJAR MASKS - MASKS MADE IN SPAIN - I can be re-infected by COVID

Does having antibodies prevent being contagious?

What we know so far and what the experts have shown is that being a carrier of antibodies only protects those who carry them. It does not prevent it from infecting other people. "Anyone can be infected, but with antibodies you will have a more agile and faster response", affirmed the doctor Alfredo Corell.

As a general rule, we believe that someone with antibodies does not get infected, but this is not the case. What these immune systems do is act more quickly, which means that the patient does not find out about his illness.

This has generated that people who generated fewer antibodies, do not generate, lose them very quickly or simply had a very weak immunity, have many more ballots to become infected again, although it has been confirmed that this can only occur a few months after the first .

BEJAR MASKS - MASKS MADE IN SPAIN - I can be re-infected by COVID

Asymptomatic patients and antibodies

What can be concluded from these studies is that the fewer symptoms you had when you had the infection, the less antibodies you will have. In addition, you will lose antibodies more quickly than other people have suffered the disease more seriously.

Logically, this is because your body, as it suffers more from the disease, has had to develop the necessary means to protect itself and it will be recorded in the cellular memory to prevent this disease from recurring. If your body has had a minor reaction, it doesn't feel the need to.