The business behind denialism

With the global crisis due to the Coronavirus we have suffered a series of measures that have modified our routine and this has caused drastic changes in our lives.

To start the confinement. And it has lasted for months ... And after the confinement, the masks. Hydroalcoholic gels (hydrogels) and social distancing.

The business behind denialism - Mascarillas Béjar

The vast majority of the population has adapted. Bite the bullet, but we have adapted and observed these standards understood as necessary for the good of all and for all. With exceptions, such as a movement that denies the greatest. They blame their position on world plots and that is why they reject the new normal and all the measures that it entails.

Although in Spain there is a large group of people who deny everything related to COVID, we are far from leading the ranking of countries with the highest number of deniers. In the United States they abound and the pandemic itself has become a topic of political discussion depending on its orientation.

The lack of Public Health has been one of the triggers of the denial movement.

They think that all this is nothing more than a ploy by medical and pharmaceutical companies to continue making profit at the expense of citizens.

Before the Coronavirus, there were different groups of deniers, conspiracy theorists, and believers in pseudoscience and alternative therapies, and all of them have found themselves targeting a common enemy: the pandemic and its consequences.

The business behind denialism - Mascarillas Béjar

Despite coming from areas other than denialism, they all agree on conspiracy theories that feed back on each other. That starting point + the Coronavirus + social networks have been an explosive cocktail.

This has caused sociologists to recommend not trivializing with medical and scientific subjects and not reducing them to opinions. They recommend that the voice of experts be heard, who flee from subjectivities and stick to objective facts and objectivity.

Let's take an example of Spanish denialism

We all remember the anti-mask demonstration held in Colón in August, after the confinement. It was convened by the Yoga teacher and "astropsychologist" Fernando Luis Vizcaino, who has a blog and a YouTube channel (suspended) in which he promoted this type of denial message and conspiracy theories: "The pandemic does not exist and its implementation is part of a plan to cut freedoms and develop a new world order." In his videos he used to mention Ricardo Delgado Martín, another of the leaders of the movement. This is a fitness professional, whose YouTube channel was also canceled.

Other instigators of the movement are: the nurse Scalebum; The lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega; the writer Rafael Roselló; the journalist Rafael Palacios and the artist Ouka Leele. All of them deny the existence of the virus and the effectiveness of masks, while persecuting those who have the courage to stand up to them.

The business behind denialism - Mascarillas Béjar

Within this movement you can also find politicians and political groups that have been involved in conspiracy theories and demonstrations, such as: Carlos Garcés, former Vox politician and president of the Movement for a Citizen Awakening, the Democratic Resistance of the neighborhood Salamanca, 2020 Movement and Doctors for the truth among others.

These their groups argue their theories in the lack of evidence supported by medical entities such as the WHO.

It is important to respect all sanitary measures and avoid contact with people who do not take precautions. More than anything because they are more likely to carry the virus. Don't forget to wash your hands; use approved masks and respect the safety distance.

We stop this virus together.

The business behind denialism - Mascarillas Béjar

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