The business behind denialism

With the global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic we have had to undergo a series of measures that have made us have to break with our previous routine and make very drastic changes in our lives, first confining ourselves for months and after this, having to wear masks , hydrolytic gels and social distancing. But while most of us have complied with the measures and we have adapted to the situation because we understand that it is for a greater good since we care about the health of our fellow citizens, a movement has emerged that denies all this.

The business behind denialism

Denialism arises from the refusal of a group of people to accept the new normal that blames all this on a global plot and many other conspiracy theories.

Although there is a notorious group of deniers in Spain, we are not the most affected by this hysteria, since countries like the United States have a large number of deniers and the pandemic has become a topic of political discussion, where people believe in it. or not depending on their ideological orientation. 

One of the main triggers of this movement in North America has been the lack of public health, where it is believed that all this is nothing more than a ploy by medical and pharmaceutical companies to continue benefiting citizens.

With the arrival of the coronavirus, different groups that were not connected to each other, such as reactionary tribes, conspiracy theorists, and believers in pseudoscience and alternative therapies, have found a common ground to theorize about it.

These beliefs have grown due to social networks in which users tend to be connected with others who have similar ideologies and beliefs, which usually gives them feedback and increases their beliefs about it when hearing other conspiracy theories.

That is why sociology experts recommend not dealing with medical and scientific issues, together with the measures that are taken, from a subjective point of view like other day-to-day issues, but listening to experts and professionals in the field who can give a more objective point of view.

The business behind denialism

Many of you will remember the anti-mask demonstration that took place in Colón in August, after the confinement, apparently, it was called by the Yoga teacher and “astropsychologist” Fernando Luis Vizcaino. He has a blog and a YouTube channel, which they closed, where he promoted denialist messages and conspiracy theories, in which he affirmed things like "The pandemic does not exist and its implementation is part of a plan to cut freedoms and develop a new world order." In these videos I used to mention Ricardo Delgado Martín, another of the leaders of the movement, professionally dedicated to fitness, who also saw his YouTube channel closed due to his conspiracy theories.

Other instigators of the movement are: the nurse Scalebum,  lawyer Luis de Miguel Ortega, the writer Rafael Roselló, journalist Rafael Palacios and the artist Ouka Leele, all of them deny the existence of the virus and the efficacy of masks, while persecuting those who have the courage to stand up to them.

Within this movement you can also find politicians and political groups that have been involved in conspiracy theories and demonstrations such as: Carlos Garces former Vox politician and president of the Movement for a Citizen awakening Democratic resistance from the Salamanca neighborhood, Movement 2020 y Doctors for the truth among others.

The business behind denialism

These groups base their theories by saying that the lack of evidence by medical entities such as WHO, for them is already sufficient evidence for them that the virus does not exist, taking advantage of ambiguities and data such as not touching the masks with the hands are ideal to avoid contagion is used by them to deny everything.

That is why it is extremely important to respect all security measures and avoid contact with people who do not take precautions in this regard since they have a better chance of being carriers, do not forget to wash your hands, use approved masks and respect the safety distance. We stop this virus together.

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