Effects of the coronavirus in children

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, the world quickly went into a state of alarm. What appeared to be an isolated virus in Asia spread rapidly to the rest of the continents. Although it has mainly affected older people and those with pre-existing diseases, there is evidence that it also affects children and young people. When it was detected that this population group seemed to be more resistant to the effects of the disease, the guard was lowered, thinking that it did not affect them, or very little. But gradually it has been seen that there are more effects of the coronavirus in children than previously thought and therefore the importance of using infant masks

Effects of the coronavirus on children: it affects them less but we must not lower our guard

It is true that children have not shown (in general terms, of course) suffer the worst consequences of the coronavirus. However, it was found that although the majority of childhood COVID-19 patients have mild flu-like symptoms or are asymptomatic, this does not mean that they cannot infect, seriously or even fatally, to other members of your family who are more vulnerable, such as grandparents.

And although there is a study published by the BMJ (British Medical Journal) that indicates that the risk of children requiring hospitalization due to coronavirus infection is small or even that they will become seriously ill as well, We must not lower our guard. There are cases and evidence of children who have become seriously ill and the causes are still not clear, so it is better to protect them than to expose them and not know how their body will react to the effects of the coronavirus in children.

Some of the children most affected by the coronavirus are those with obesity or very young babies. Despite all the effects of the coronavirus on children, the risk of mortality is extremely low. For example, in that study there were no infant deaths of school-age children who were healthy.

Of course, it will always be better to take the necessary precautions against the effects of the coronavirus in children. In addition to avoiding the possibility that your child will get sick and things get complicated, there is the risk that it will infect you or someone else at home, especially if a member of the family has a more delicate health situation.

The effects of the coronavirus in children who have been admitted to the hospital were fever, cough, nausea or vomiting, even difficulty breathing, in addition to some cases with symptoms such as stomach pain, headache and sore throat. Of those children, nearly half had another disease (from asthma to cancer) or were obese.

In the case of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome, it is more rare, it has occurred in children older than 8 years and was detected in ethnic minorities. Among its symptoms is having a headache, sore throat, muscle pain, in addition to those already mentioned related to COVID-19, but what should be noted is that it is without mortality.

Effects of the coronavirus in children: be careful with the viral load they transmit

According to the scientific journal Journal of Pediatrics, where cases in two hospitals in the US were analyzed on the effects of the coronavirus in children, it was indeed proven that children who get coronavirus do not usually get as seriously ill as adults. But on the other hand, the study indicates that they can be "hidden carriers", which makes them key to the spread of the disease.

This was detected by quantifying the high levels of coronavirus in children of different ages, especially two days after becoming infected. It is what is called a high viral load and it means that it is when the risk of contagion is greater the higher the presence of the virus. Taking this information into account, you will understand that although you will feel comfortable knowing that your children have a low risk of complications from COVID-19, the worrying thing is that they can even show asymptomatic and be highly contagious to others. What can you do about it to avoid the effects of the coronavirus in children?

face masks for childrenProtect your children with children's surgical masks with drawings made in Spain

In Spain the use of a mask in public spaces and in places where the safety distance cannot be maintained, It is mandatory, also for children from 6 years. With back to school and although each school has opted for different sanitary measures, children must wear a mask, and it is our obligation as parents to do our part. As responsible parents we must promote the culture of masks in our children to avoid the effects of the coronavirus in children.

Children should not use adult masks because they are large, and they are uncomfortable for them or the cloth ones do not protect them as they are not approved and do not have the majority of filters. But what if we told you that there are approved children's masks in Spain, certified, light, safe, even with super cool drawings for children?

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