Where to throw the masks

Almost a year after the start of the health alert for the covid, one of the most effective measures to face this disease are the elements of personal protection. Among the most used are gloves and surgical masks, which given their disposable nature cannot be recycled. This does not mean that they should be disposed of anywhere, much less on public roads, but where to dispose of the masks in Spain responsibly?

Where to throw the necessary masks in Spain

In Spain, the health contingency due to COVID-19 began at the beginning of this year, reaching high figures very quickly. It was thanks to the containment measures that the spread of the outbreak was controlled, from the restriction of people in public and work spaces to the use of sanitary masks.

The number of cases decreased considerably until it reached about XNUMX cases a day, which allowed the relaxation of sanitary measures. However, this changed recently with the second wave of infections throughout Spain.

That is why the government has imposed the mandatory use of the mask in Spain, especially in public and private spaces when it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 1,5 m between people. This, along with personal protection measures such as masks, seeks to stop this second outbreak, which leads to longer use of masks. But where do you throw away used masks?

The Health Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center has pointed out the risk of not properly disposing of gloves and masks. Masks left on the ground can pose a risk to others for being potentially infected, the same with gloves. That is why it has been said that we are all involved in this.

That is why the Ministry for Ecological Transition points out that the proper way to dispose of used masks is to place them in the appropriate container. Depending on the municipality, there is a gray or dark green container where it is safe to dispose of used masks in Spain. In the case of disposable gloves (latex or nitrile) their final destination must also be the gray container.

Where to throw the masks of a patient with COVID-19?

This should be done with disposable face masks for daily use. However, there are certain steps to follow when a person is sick with coronavirus at home. If the patient is confirmed or has any of the known symptoms (cough, fever, etc.), all items such as gloves, used tissues or disposable masks will be placed in a plastic bag.

This in turn will be closed inside a cube located in the sick room. The bucket must have a lid and an opening pedal to avoid touching it directly.

Once those bags with the masks accumulate (they must be tightly closed) in the garbage can, they will be put into another bag that should be next to the exit of the room. The personal protection elements (masks, gloves) used by the caregivers will be deposited there and it must be well closed. This second bag will be deposited in a third bag that corresponds to the waste bin that is not recycled and that goes to the gray container.

Precautions when disposing and disposing of masks

It is important to point out that whoever performs the operation of closing the bags and discarding them in the corresponding container must do so with great care and then wash their hands very well with soap and water. The container is gray or green (depending on the municipality), in the wet-dry collection systems, and the bags must be placed in the fraction indicated by the corresponding entity.

Special care must be taken that the bag with used masks or used gloves is not deposited in different containers, such as those for paper, glass or textiles. Much less should it be abandoned on the street, which is completely prohibited. If there are no people with COVID-19 symptoms in your home, you should do the waste separation on a regular basis and again, the used masks should go in the gray container.

Remember that there are stores where you can get rid of used gloves that have bins enabled for it outside the premises. Or take them home and dispose of as directed. Never flush the mask down the toilet! In addition to the tremendous environmental impact, an annual expenditure of more than one billion euros is generated to eliminate.

Where do I buy masks that are reusable?

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