Should children wear a mask?

Should children wear a mask?

According to the World Health Organization, if they are over 3 years old, children should wear a mask. This means that it is not an impossible mission for little ones to use masks, but it is simply an educational and safety action that parents must take, like taking them by the hand when crossing the street or having their shoelaces tied.

Taking into account the situation of high contagion that we currently live, that there are more vulnerable groups than others (older adults, people with weakened immune systems, etc.), although children and adolescents have a much lower risk of suffering complications, they can be asymptomatic and infect other people.

It does not make sense that as a parent you use any type of mask to protect yourself if your children do not use it and they can catch it or spread it to other people, that's why Children must wear a mask and they must also be infant masks adapted to the size of children's faces.

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Importance of the use of a mask in children and in the entire population

The current new wave of infections not only has to do with the lack of a cure or a vaccine against the coronavirus. It has a lot to do with educating people and raising awareness of wearing a mask to protect themselves and others.

Among young people there is a false sense of security that nothing will happen to them. And although it is true that they are not necessarily in a risk group, with Covid there is nothing certain: there have been cases in which children and young people have had serious symptoms and that is why they should wear a hygienic mask, at least children and young people.

Even if they are not affected, those around them are, from their parents to their grandparents and other people of any age who have a health condition that weakens their immune system.

Do not forget that one of the main sources of coronavirus infection is from asymptomatic people and your child may be one of them. The AEP -Spanish Pediatric Association- points out in its latest update that "children can transmit SARS-CoV-2 infection to other children or adults, although their efficiency as transmitters is not yet clear."

The AEP also indicates that “the use of face masks, together with hand washing, reduces the frequency of respiratory infection and its community transmission” and that “the high use of face masks at the population level could decrease, at an individual level, the severity of infectious agents acquired by SARS-Cov-2 ”.

So, if your child is over 4 and 5 years old, talk to him and explain that it is important that children should wear a mask and use it. There are already many multimedia resources that will help you do this. Of course, set the example and do it naturally, without complaining, because if not, how do you expect him to not do it too?

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Should children wear a mask? Exceptions to the use of a mask in children

Children under 3 years of age are not required to wear a mask due to the risk of suffocation, or if your child suffers from some type of disability or condition that prevents him or her from using it or requires special help. Nor if you have difficulty breathing with your face covered or are unconscious or if there is an effective safety distance and there is no possibility of contact with contaminated surfaces (slides, other toys, benches, drinking fountains, etc.).

And of course, in the event that your child cannot use a disposable mask, do not expose it, it is preferable to stay at home. On the other hand, it is normal for your child to resist using it correctly by covering his nose and mouth (from nose to chin), as well as he may resist wearing a seat belt.

It uses the same principle: if you don't use it, they won't be able to get out. Give it time to get used to it: if an adult finds it heavy to use it every day, for several hours, imagine how your child will feel. One thing that can help you a lot is offering a child mask with pictures. This will be a good incentive for you to understand that children should wear a mask and use it without problems.

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