When not to wear a mask

Given the current situation of health crisis caused by the coronavirus, there is again a situation of alarm in Spain. Protecting ourselves is a task that requires everyone's cooperation. One of the essential personal protection elements is the use of approved masks. The Government has specified that the use of masks not to get fines and penalties. Among the containment measures is to use them in closed public spaces, on public roads and that there is also a safety distance of 2 meters. Given these measures, when not to wear a mask in certain places or circumstances?

When not to wear a mask: situations in which its use is mandatory and exceptions

Now you should wear a mask whenever you are in a public space, indoors with other people who are not from your family nucleus or outdoors. For children 6 years and older, the use of the mask is mandatory. If you plan to go by car with other people who do not live with you, and even if you are ventilated or with the windows down, you must also bring or otherwise you risk being fined. For vans or delivery trucks, if the occupants do not live in the same house it is also mandatory.

If you travel by complementary public and private passenger transport in vehicles with up to 9 seats (including the driver), it is also mandatory, according to Royal Decree 21/2020 of New Normal. If you walk outdoors, it is also mandatory to use it at all times. In the workplace, it is mandatory to carry if the safety distance of 2 meters between workers is not guaranteed. Employees must have adequate protective equipment -including masks- according to the level of risk and be trained in its use.

When not to wear masks?

In the event that you suffer from respiratory difficulties or those who have a disability or dependency are not required to wear a mask. Returning to children, although it is mandatory for those who are six years old, it is recommended for children aged 3 and 5, as established by the Order of the Ministry of Health. When entering bars and restaurants, the use of masks is also mandatory. We only have to remove the masks at the time of consumption.

On when not to wear when playing sports, there is a bit of controversy. In principle, it is not mandatory to use it when doing sports, even if you do it in public gyms or go jogging in the park. However, many gyms on their own force customers to wear it and many people when running or going out to run also wear it to avoid risks of contagion both from you and from others.

Exceptions to the use of the mask

One of them, as we have pointed out, is in children under 6 years of age, as well as in children whose use is discouraged due to a disability or health problem. If you travel by car and you go alone, it is not necessary to wear a mask or if you travel with children under 6 years of age or even if all the occupants of the vehicle live the same address, this in accordance with Royal Decree 21/2020 of New Normal.

It is also clarified that it is excepted in "the development of activities that are incompatible", that is, when food or drinks are ingested, for example, in bars and restaurants while a drink or food is being consumed. For cars, motorcycles, vans or delivery trucks, if the occupants live in the same home, wearing a mask is excepted.

In certain situations where "there is a cause of force majeure or a situation of need". An exception to use in public spaces is that you guarantee that there is a safe distance from other people. And something similar happens at work.

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