Buy masks made in Spain against Covid

Our lives were completely changed by the arrival of a virus that was said to have come from Wuhan, China. On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency due to coronavirus that could be considered an epidemic that would become a pandemic due to its rapid spread.

Covid in Spain
From that day we were on alert in Europe, but we were not prepared for what was to come. The first case in Spain was the day after the WHO declared a state of Emergency, in La Gomera.
In Europe we have had more problems than in China, since we have become the epicenter of the pandemic by adding more infections.
Each country in the European Union took different measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. Almost all countries opted for the same solution that China had taken days ago: the total confinement of the population in their homes.

As the virus became better known, measures were taken to prevent it from continuing to spread, such as maintaining a distance between people of at least 2 meters, constant hand washing, use of masks as much as possible and exhaustive cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and places.

antiviral masks

Today, we have had to add to our list of essentials, masks; either surgical mask o FPP2, in Spain the use of the mask was imposed as mandatory for all those over 6 years of age, whether it is a space that is open or closed public.
If all these measures that are recommended to us together with the mask are taken by citizens, the contagion by Covid-19 is significantly reduced.

In the middle of the pandemic, we had problems in Spain due to the supplies of medical supplies for the professionals themselves, since we supplied ourselves from China, which not only led to logistics problems but also to European certifications and their approvals. That is why a new opportunity has arisen for the industry when it comes to manufacturing products that protect us from the virus, both health workers and citizens.

Here arose the opportunity for Mascarillas Béjar to renew itself and become the best manufacturer of masks, at that time surgical, to supply and reduce the delivery times of this protection so necessary for our health professionals as well as for citizens with the security of being a product made in Spain with all the necessary certifications and approvals for marketing.

The importance of the use of the mask as a method of trying to reduce the spread of the virus as much as possible has been essential, since it helps us to avoid the excretion of both respiratory and salivary drops from people who are infected that may be asymptomatic or not yet have developed symptoms.

When it all started, the masks were only intended for health professionals and those people who were with symptoms or who knew they were positive for Covid and also to those people who belonged to a risk group. Later, once it was known how the virus spread, it was decided that it would be optimal for the entire population in general to use it in places where a safe distance could not be maintained.
Wearing the mask on a daily basis has become our opportunity to help and protect ourselves from Covid.


buy masks made in Spain


If you decide to buy in a mask company is Spain Like ours, you not only help our company but also help that industry stay in Spain and help the country's economy. For what consumption, such as those on our website, where you find surgical masks, FPP2 masks, protects ears, infant masks or our design masks such as NAN300, you will be promoting the economy of Spain.

When you buy masks abroad, you may not know if they comply correctly with the regulations. Therefore, our advice is that whenever you can buy masks that are manufactured in Spain, both for your safety and to collaborate as we said before with the national economy.

It is in your hands to collaborate with it by buying masks made in Spain.