Buy masks against COVID made in Spain

Our lives were completely changed by the arrival of a virus that was said to have come from Wuhan, China.

This happened back in January 30, 2020. When the WHO declared the  Public Health Emergency for coronavirus.

Then it was speculated that it could be considered an epidemic, and that it would become a pandemic due to its rapid spread.

Covid in Spain
The alarms went off and, from that day on, we were on alert in Europe. But we were not prepared for what awaited us.

The first case in Spain was the day after the WHO declared a state of Emergency, in La Gomera

In Europe we have had more problems than in China, since we have become the epicenter of the pandemic by adding more infections.
Each country in the European Union took different measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. Almost all countries opted for the same solution that China had taken days ago: the total isolation of the population in their homes.

As the virus became better known, measures were conceived to prevent its spread ...

  • Maintaining a distance between people of at least 2 meters
  • Constant hand washing
  • Use of masks whenever possible and
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and places

antiviral masks

Masks have become a natural part of the everyday landscape: be it surgical mask or FPP2

In Spain, the use of the mask was imposed as mandatory. Obligation imposed for all those over 6 years of age, whether it is a public space that is open or closed.

If we respect these rules and add the use of masks, the spread of COVID-19 is significantly reduced.

In the middle of the pandemic we had problems in Spain due to the supplies of medical supplies

Even for the professionals themselves, since we sourced from China. Logistics, approvals or certificates from European institutions ... where everything became a cluster of problems, Masks Béjar understood that a new opportunity had arisen to be useful to the Society: put our industry to fight against COVID and manufacture products that protect us from the virus. We would protect both health workers and ordinary citizens.

Thus arose the opportunity for Mascarillas Béjar: to renew itself and become the best manufacturer of masks

At that time we started with surgical. Our goal: to supply and reduce delivery times. We understood that this protection was necessary for our healthcare professionals as well as for citizens. In addition, give them the security of being a product made in Spain With all the certifications and approvals necessary for its commercialization, it would give them greater confidence.